Binance Chronicles: Unraveling the Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Dynasty

Binance Chronicles: Unraveling the Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Dynasty


Despite facing numerous legal and illegal challenges, Binance remains the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally. Every day, millions of customers transfer billions of dollars in crypto, defying regulatory sanctions. This resilience raises questions about what sets Binance apart.

The Journey of Binance

In this article, we delve into the evolution of Binance, from a struggling startup to the dominant force in the crypto realm. Led by a visionary leader, Binance has weathered various storms, emerging stronger each time.


Prior to founding Binance, Changpeng Zhao established himself as an entrepreneur and tech professional. He founded Fusion Systems in Shanghai in 2005, specializing in high-speed trading systems for stock market brokers. In 2013, Zhao joined, contributing to the development of the crypto wallet. Binance was founded in 2017 after Zhao’s tenure as CTO at OKCoin. Initially based in China, regulatory pressures prompted a move overseas.

  • Binance conducted an ICO, raising $15 million and introducing the BNB cryptocurrency.
  • BNB, initially intended for trading fees, evolved into a significant asset, with a market cap surpassing $87 billion by mid-2024.


By January 2018, Binance emerged as the largest crypto exchange, boasting a valuation exceeding $1.3 billion. The company expanded its presence, establishing offices in Malta, Bermuda, and Jersey. Strategic acquisitions, such as Trust Wallet in June 2018, bolstered Binance’s ecosystem.

  • In May 2019, Binance experienced a major security breach, losing over 7000 Bitcoins valued at $6 million.
  • September 2019 saw the launch of BUSD, a stablecoin developed in collaboration with Paxos.

Mature Phase

In February 2020, Binance encountered regulatory friction with the Malta Financial Services Authority, highlighting challenges in compliance. Allegations of regulatory evasion surfaced in a Forbes exposé in October 2020.

  • By May 2021, Binance faced legal scrutiny from the US Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice.
  • Binance thrived during the COVID-induced crypto bull run, capturing over 50% of the market by 2023.

Controversial Stand on Russia-Ukraine War

Binance’s decision not to ban Russian users amid the conflict sparked controversy, leading to accusations of facilitating illicit transactions. However, subsequent actions, including a $10 million donation to Ukraine, aimed to mitigate backlash.

Regulatory Troubles

Binance vs US SEC

On June 5, 2023, the US SEC filed charges against Binance and its affiliates, alleging various violations, including operating unregistered exchanges and offering unregistered securities.

Binance vs US Department of Justice

The US DOJ accused Binance of violating the Bank Secrecy Act and breaching US sanctions against Russia. Binance settled the case by paying a record $4.3 billion fine.

Binance vs Nigeria

Binance faced allegations of operating without legal registration, facilitating illicit transactions, and tax evasion in Nigeria. A hefty fine of $10 billion was initially imposed but later reduced to $35 million.

Binance vs French Authorities

Amid accusations of money laundering, Binance faced legal scrutiny in France. Despite initial challenges, the status of the case remains unclear since mid-2023.

Binance and Netherlands

Binance encountered regulatory hurdles in the Netherlands, leading to its exit from the country due to licensing issues.

Binance in India

Binance navigated regulatory complexities in India, eventually resolving compliance issues and resuming operations after agreeing to regulatory requirements.

Binance in the UAE

The UAE provided a conducive environment for Binance, granting licenses and facilitating its operations in Dubai.


Binance’s journey reflects the complexities of operating in the evolving regulatory landscape of the crypto industry. By embracing compliance and resolving legal disputes, Binance aims to secure its position in the global market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Indians Legally Trade on Binance?

Yes, Binance registered with the Indian Financial Intelligence Unit and received approval to resume operations, ensuring legality for Indian traders.

Is Trading on Binance Safe and Legal?

Trading on Binance is safe and legal if the platform operates within regulatory frameworks of your country. However, exercise caution, especially with peer-to-peer transactions, to avoid potential fraud.

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