Binance Charity To Support Female Afghan Refugees with ‘Code to Inspire’

The partnership will help 100 promising students and their families survive the humanitarian crisis.

Binance Charity Inspires Afghanis 

Code to Inspire is a US-based non-profit working to help empower young women from Afghanistan, and Binance Charity is currently running a fundraiser to help support the cause. The precarious situation in Afghanistan is well-documented and the return of Taliban rule has left many students without jobs and in dire situations. 

Code to Inspire and Binance Charity will help 100 female students and their families experiencing food insecurity, disabilities, rent debt, and other challenging situations. The students in these families were often the breadwinners and served vital roles in the survival of each household. 

“With the partnership with Binance Charity, we will be able to help these 100 families at least survive in such a humanitarian crisis,” Fereshteh Forough, founder of Code to Inspire told Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity and NFT, in an interview on Binance Charity’s Twitter.

The partnership will also give the promising students working with Forough access to the new digital world economy happening on the blockchain. 

“Also for the first time these students will have a chance to access the global economy through receiving funds in a very safe, secure, and private way, and also help them experience the virtual world of cryptocurrencies,” Forough added.

Trust Wallet accounts will be opened for all students by the Binance Charity, as confirmed in the official press release from December 9th. The students will receive funds in the BUSD stablecoin that will help supplement payment for “rent and medical bills, purchase food and Internet” while continuing to focus on their studies.

“It is hard to fathom, in 2021, that many countries still have huge women’s rights abuses. To make matters worse, women in Afghanistan began the year living in a very different reality with a very different future to what they now face. We feel inspired to be working with Fereshteh and her colleagues at Code to Inspire. Women empowerment is a cause very close to our hearts at Binance Charity, which is driven by a female strong team,” commented Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity and NFT.

This is the first phase of a three-month pilot to help women aged between 18-25. All the women are Afghanistan citizens or residents and previously studied in an approved school coding education institution as full-time students. The average monthly living cost in Afghanistan is around $200 per month, per data collected by Code to Inspire. 

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