Binance Charity Donates $10 Million and Launches Relief Fund for Ukraine Crisis

There have been efforts far and wide to help those in need, and Binance has made an incredible contribution in assisting non-governmental organizations that is instrumental in helping people in Ukraine.

Binance Charity Lends a Helping Hand

Binance has announced that it will donate a staggering $10 million to the humanitarian crisis developing in Ukraine, as well as launching a relief fund through Binance Charity.

With current global headlines dominated by reports of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there have been comprehensive efforts by the crypto community to help. Binance has recognized this need and has stepped up its efforts by making its own donation and inviting others to do likewise. 

“In response to this crisis, we are donating $10 million USD to major Intergovernmental Organizations and local NGOs on the ground to help provide emergency relief to refugees and children to support logistics on the ground such as food, fuel and supplies for refugees in countries bordering with Ukraine and more,” Binance Charity announced on their relief fund page.


So far, the relief fund has seen 211 contributors amassing around 154.73 BTC, the equivalent of $5,876,537.10, at the time of writing. The suffering in Ukraine has been on display on several social media platforms and has caught many who could not have imagined this kind of conflict in Europe off guard.

“In the 48 hours since Russia launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine, the UN reports 120,000 people have already fled their homes. Neighboring countries are receiving refugees. Poland, for instance, has estimated that it could receive up to 1 million refugees,” Binance Charity continued in their statement on the relief fund.  

Though no definitive end to the conflict can be seen at the moment, efforts such as this by Binance will likely help those who are suffering the most and had no hand in causing the turmoil they find themselves in. 

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