Binance Charity Announces the Launch of the NFT Tree Planting Project ‘Tree Millions’ to Plant 10 Million Trees Worldwide

For NFT tree planting projects, Binance Charity has the most ambitious goal: planting 10 million trees across the globe with the help of blockchain technology. The Tree Millions Alliance, headed by Binance Charity, began on Tuesday, September 28. Since its inception, 17 prominent figures from the cryptocurrency community have pledged their support and pledged to assist with reforestation efforts. The project hopes to grow to 100 members by the UN “Day of the Forest.”

Corporate and individual donors are invited to take part in the multimillion-dollar fundraising drive. Each contribution will cause the issuance of an NFT certificate encrypted with the information of trees planted. It uses NFTs to monitor how contributors’ money is spent and to keep track of information such as the type of tree planted, where it was planted, and when it was planted. As with all Binance Charity initiatives, 100% of donations will go solely to the project’s implementation partners.

Binance Charity and Binance NFT, a leading NFT Marketplace for Tree Millions in the world, have teamed together to plant the NFT in Metaverse, creating the world’s biggest virtual tree planting forest. Binance NFT will recruit artists to take part in “NFT for Good”, which will help Tree Millions raise funds. Binance Charity and Binance NFT established NFT for Good in June 2021, intending to use creativity to effect positive change. Binance Charity will create NFT certificates for Tree Millions using Binance SmartChain, which consume less than 1% of the energy used by Bitcoin.

The Tree Millions Alliance is the first step toward Binance Charity and Binance’s common goal for a more environmentally friendly cryptocurrency sector. Binance created Binance Smart Chain (BSC) last year, one of the first green blockchains. If the Bitcoin network uses about 113.89 terawatt-hours per year (TWh/yr) and conventional banking systems utilize 263.72 TWh/yr, then Binance Smart Chain takes less than 1% of it.

Source : bsctimes

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