Binance Chain Learn and Earn Offers $25,000 in Rewards to Users Who to Want to Learn DeFi

Knowledge is power, and Binance knows it. They’ve built a huge promotional campaign to educate eager investors about decentralized finance.

Learn and Earn

Binance wants users to grow their knowledge of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in a promotion the company has called “Learn and Earn.” Once participants have learned all they can, they will be asked to demonstrate that knowledge, with the 200 highest scorers earning $20 each. The campaign begins on July 2nd and ends just four days later, on July 6th. There will also be related campaigns that will raise the total prize pot to $25,000.


The Main Campaign

The Learn and Earn campaign features projects from Decentralized Finance (DeFi)Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and blockchain infrastructure. For the first-ever round of Learn and Earn, Binance has teamed up with the following four projects:

X World Games: The virtual world of the new internet that allows users to trade NFTs everywhere.

CryptoTycoon: A magical Light Gaming platform with integrated DeFi model running on BSC. This is where GameFi happens.

Biswap: The first DEX on BSC network with a three-type referral system.

Hot Cross: A multi-chain tool suite created for blockchain teams and their communities.

Once users have had a chance to acquaint themselves with the projects, there will be a quiz with questions ranging from easy to difficult. In order to enter the competition, users must follow Binance Chain and the four participating projects on Twitter (links above). Users will then be invited to learn about the projects from the learning materials Binance provides and join BSC on Telegram

Besides the 200 winners who will win $20 of tokens, Binance will boost the prize pot with 15 #BSCLearnAndEarn NFTs worth a total of $600. All learning materials which users will need can be found in the following blog.

Other Chances to Win

Besides the Learn and Earn campaign Binance will also be supporting the event with a Twitter retweet campaign. Entrants must again follow Binance Chain on Twitter then tweet this tweet, tagging three friends and #BscLearnAndEarn. Users must then go to BSC Telegram and fill in the pinned form on the chat.

Lastly, Learn and Earn will be backed by secret bonus campaigns valued at $20,000, with the first announcement coming on July 2nd in the BSC Telegram group.

Don’t miss out on this brand new opportunity from the growing blockchain. If this first Learn and Earn is successful, there will surely be more fun to be had. Binance is not a chain that looks to shy away from innovative and popular promotions.

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