Binance Appoints a Former Internal Revenue Service Special Agent as VP of Global Intelligence

Binance continues to hire personnel with proven track records to strengthen its community and move it forward. The community has hired the service of cyber-crimes expert recently to adhere to the exchange’s regulatory compliance. The platform has added another expert, Tigran Gambaryan, as the Vice President of its Global intelligence and investigations team.

Tigran Gambaryan has previously worked under the U.S Internal Revenue-Criminal Investigation. In his former seat, he had a lot of impressive track records in cyber-crime-related cases, which include identity theft, tax invasion, and national security. He also won several awards, and one of his notable highlights is exposing the dubious Silk Road crypto dealings.

Binance is a prominent exchange globally. Many regulatory agencies have looked at whether the exchange has breached regulatory rules in different countries, and they’ve been relentless in their investigations. Binance was recently investigated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and its services were prohibited in Malaysia. Binance has also been investigated by nations such as Singapore, Thailand, and the Netherlands.

The hiring of Tigran Gambaryan, a former investigator with extensive experience, as Binance’s VP of Global Intelligence, is a demonstration of the company using the knowledge of authorities in the financial regulatory area. These measures should help Binance become more compliant with worldwide laws, and they may serve as a solution to current probes. 

Source : bsctimes

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