Binance Announces Shutdown Strategy for Original BNB Blockchain

Binance Announces Shutdown Strategy for Original BNB Blockchain

Binance Announces Migration Plan for BNB Beacon Chain

Binance, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to phase out its BNB Beacon Chain, urging all projects and token holders to move their assets to the BNB Smart Chain. This transition needs to be completed swiftly to avoid any potential loss of assets, as the exchange will not be liable for any losses incurred after the deadline.

June 2024 Deadline for Projects to Migrate Assets

Binance has initiated a comprehensive plan, setting June 2024 as the cutoff date for projects to transition their assets from the BNB Beacon Chain to the BNB Smart Chain. The exchange has been proactive in communicating with the projects involved to facilitate a seamless transfer before the established deadline.

Projects have been instructed to expedite the asset transfer process to the BNB Smart Chain to avoid disruption to users. Failing to complete the transition before the deadline will result in an inability to access BEP2 assets, with Binance disclaiming any responsibility for such losses.

Real-time Tracking Platform for Asset Transfer

To maintain transparency and offer continual updates, Binance is introducing a real-time tracking platform. This tool will allow users and stakeholders to monitor the progress of binding and asset transfers, ensuring they can make informed decisions accordingly.

The move to discontinue the BEP2 network reflects Binance’s ongoing efforts to enhance its ecosystem and adopt advanced technologies. By promoting the migration to the BEP20 network, Binance aims to achieve greater interoperability and user experience. The exchange stresses the importance for all parties to proactively engage in this transformation to uphold the ecosystem’s integrity and ensure a smooth transition for users.

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