Binance and NewsCrypto, Cases of Preferred blockchain service providers

Binance and NewsCrypto, Cases of Preferred blockchain service providers

There are so many crypto-related discussion forums, channels and chatrooms on the web where crypto enthusiasts share knowledge. In such forums, certain names pop up from time to time. One such recurring name is Binance blockchain.

This cannot be surprising considering that Binance is the household name in the crypto world. Simply because it has the best features an exchange should have. Some of these prominent features are:

Multi-level security: For example, it uses artificial intelligence technology to protect users from scams and virtual attacks. There is verification when executing transactions and has different API versions to offer added security.

Competitive fees: Binance is popular for its low transaction fees in the market. Specifically, users pay about 0.1% of each trade. The high transaction fees of ethereum blockchain have led to an increase in allegiance to Binance.

High-speed transactions: It offers near-instant transactions, with over 1.4 billion transactions per second.

These few features, among others, are examples of how user-friendly the Binance blockchain is. No wonder why many crypto experts and enthusiasts mention it in their forums. Definitely, this explains the continuing firming of the BNB coin.

It is most likely that, if people use a sentimental artificial intelligence analysis tool, BNB blockchain will top the popularity rank in the trading platforms category. That being said, let’s look at the similarity and relationship between Binance and NewsCrypto. But what is Newscrypto?


NewsCrypto is a world-class trading, educational platform, where both beginners and professionals gain information that enables them to make the best trading and investment decisions. Many experienced traders who seek to have trading advantages are part of Newscrypto.

Therefore, in simple terms, NewsCrypto is a platform that helps traders to find the right information at the right time. Above all, it provides trustworthy information. As a result, individuals trade with confidence and security. The focus is to help traders to make rational decisions based on data obtained through modern technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Thus, it provides a comprehensive set of tools that help traders despite their level of experience. There are tools that meet the needs of beginners, intermediate and professional traders. For instance, NewsCrypto offers automatic charting tools that help traders to understand technical analysis and other trading fundamentals.

However, NewsCrypto is well-known for its artificial intelligence technology using sentimental analysis. This where it analyses the price movements based on the sentiment of individuals globally collected through popular news channels and social media such as Twitter. More information is available at Newscrypto.

What are the similarities between Newscrypto and Binance?

Binance is the top-rated crypto exchange, which meets the needs of its users. On the other hand, Newscrypto is the top-rated trading platform in existence. Therefore, people who want to trade successfully at Binance should gain the best trading knowledge at NewsCrypto. Doesn’t this make sense? Of course, the Binance Academy supplements the trading education that Newscrypto offers.

According to MarketCap, the NewsCrypto’s token NWC is best rated in the trading education category.

Second, NewsCrypto’s cross-chain system connects with Binance enabling users to swap NWC tokens based on Stellar and Ethereum blockchains to NWC based on the Binance Blockchain (BeP20). The swapping system operates on the NewsCrypto platform. Thus, there is a synergy between Binance and NewsCrypto.

What’s the take?

In the introduction, there is a case of people talking remarkably about Binance. Of course, it is the NewsCrypto users who appreciate the service Binance offers.

  In conclusion, NewsCrypto as the leading trading, educational platform equips people with the best trading skills, making them succeed at Binance. Whereas knowledgeable and professional traders at NewsCrypto enjoy their trading experience at Binance.

It is a case of synergy between the two leading blockchain systems, operating in different spheres.

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