Binamon Teams Pops into Twitter Spaces to Hype Coming Releases

Immediate and longterm updates are enough to keep a close watch on with Binamon—the console sounds most cool.

Binamon Crew In Attendance on Twitter

A crew of key members from the Binamon team paid a visit to the BSC News Twitter Spaces on Nov. 28th at 02:00 UTC. The four members of the team were both familiar and unfamiliar to BSC News viewers. Andrew, the DeFi Direct Growth Lead and notable AMA Master, questions and joked with Grant, Head of Partnerships; Princess Aragon, Head of Manager; Tom, Community Lead; and Sol, the COO, through a fun session in front of nearly 130 listeners for an hour. 

The Binamon team helped the BSC News community update how things are going on at their team ever since they won Battle of the Dapps just a few weeks ago. Binamon has many new updates and features coming very soon that will significantly change the protocol’s dynamics. The talk of a console has many users bullish longterm, but short term updates have other reasons to keep an eye on the protocol. 

“It will be almost like a Christmas for Binamon users during December,” said Sol, the COO. “We will have the migration of the NFTs, then version 2 of the runner game, the launch of Binamon Lands, and maybe more.” 


The Binamon team was feeling very hyped themselves as some of the members were just returning (literally!) from the “Metaverso Binamon Live in Buenos Aires” event. For those wondering there was a karaoke from Sol, the COO! Along with talking about the event, the team had an underlying message of accessibility. 

From bringing the digital to the real with a live event, to the hype around their console and Land releases. The console development is still is the early, brainstorming stages, but the Land releases are right around the corner. 

“For the first upcoming IGO launch, we are not going to do anything out of the box–at least right now. We’re going to follow the guidelines and set-up that is normally done by Binance NFT,” said Grant, Head of Partnerships. 

There is much to pay attention to with Binamon in the coming weeks, and BSC News is always happy to pay tribute to the King of the Dapps.

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About Binamon

Binamon is a play-to-earn GameFi 3-D metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by Pokémon, the metaverse is inhabited by digital monsters. Players can earn the native $BMON token either by battling each other’s Binamons, trading them, or staking them. 

Apart from playing to earn, the game has a feature that enables players to create and receive a physical replica of their Binamons.

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