Binamon Scholarship Program Kicks into Gear to Help Educate P2E Gamers

The scholarship program is ongoing, and anyone with interest in play-to-earn gaming can enroll.

The Story So Far 

Binamon has created an initiative to educate gamers while also adding to their source of income. The Binance Smart Chain GameFi metaverse created a scholarship program to introduce cryptocurrency as a Play-to-Earn mechanism to the entire public. 

Binamon launched the scholarship program on 3rd September as a focused campaign hosted by Ambassadors Program Events and Outreach Task Force. The Task Force was created to reach out to the world and introduce cryptocurrency and Play-to-Earn mechanism, as stated earlier. In addition, the protocol recently announced the progress already achieved from the innovation on Twitter

“Our Scholarship program is growing each day and with the Android release scheduled this week we only expect it to grow even more,” Binamon tweeted on 26th September. 

The Task Force team celebrated the launch with a giveaway where the first qualified scholar––BinaMaster Scholar, was equipped with tools to play the Binamon game on top of eleven Z1 Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). Users applied for the first BinaMasters scholarship via a google form. 


Binamon Scholarship Details and Creation 

In summary, the Binamon Scholarship program was launched to unite Binamon Asset Holders or Investors with players (BinaMaster Scholars) to achieve a healthy Sponsor-Scholar relationship with equal benefits.

With this in mind, commencing your Binamon Scholarship campaign is very easy. Here is how to create your scholarship account: 

First, connect your wallet and purchase an NFT (Binamon Monster) on the Binamon NFT page

Create a separate Metamask account for your scholar. 

Send your NFT to your Scholar wallet address by copying the ID Number of the Binamon monster and pasting it in the check box. 

Make sure you confirm the transaction on your Scholar wallet. 

Connect the Scholar account to your Binamon NFT page. 

Check your Z1 monsters collection in your scholar account to see if your NFT is available. 

Visit and connect your Scholar Metamask wallet to get a game password.

Approve NFT on the website. Make sure you have some BNB to pay for the transaction fee. 

Connecting to more than one Scholar account | Source

Managers/investors can also connect with users who have created scholarships. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the tutorial video to kickstart your BinaMasters Scholarship journey. Other details about the program can be read on Binamon’s scholarship page. 

What is Binamon? 

Binamon is an NFT-based, blockchain-driven online gaming platform. It is a complete gaming metaverse of digital monsters where players battle and defeat monsters to earn BMON tokens. In addition, gamers also stake their Binamons (Genesis NFTs) and earn passive income through staking.

Where to find Binamon:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

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