Binamon Prepares Monster $37 Million BakerySwap Auction

The decentralized financial ecosystem continues to flourish as the Binance Smart Chain technology gets ready for the huge NFT auction on BakerySwap. Bidders have a unique opportunity to acquire one of the most formidable NFT GameFi Binamons. NFT Binamons will be auctioned off through BakerySwap on October 21st at 8:00 AM UTC to fund the development of Binamon’s Play-to-Earn protocol.

On Twitter, BakerySwap revealed the news while also complimenting the new appearance of Binamon. As extracted from the news,  “A new record for #NFT transactions seems to be in the works…. the 21st of October, 8:00 a.m. PS: I love your new logo, @binamok!” BakerySwap posted on the 18th of October. The NFT auction is estimated to be worth $37 million, as can be seen in Binamon’s attached Twitter picture. We expect Binamon’s mega auction with BakerySwap to begin soon.

Binamon is gearing up for a new version of its game soon. On the 19th of October, Leo, the protocol’s CTO, hinted at the release of a new product through Twitter. Binamon, on the other side, retweeted the CTO’s Tweet on their official Twitter profile, calling BSC News and a few other noteworthy platforms to remark on the new improvement. A preview of the Binamon Arena user interface was also shared by Leobinamon, Binamon’s chief technology officer. “What are your thoughts, @Cointelegraph @news of BSC @kucoimcom @T2LATAM? ” Binamon is in for a wild few weeks ahead!

Source : bsctimes

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