Binamon Play-to-Earn NFT Game Officially Launches

Exceptional rewards and great gameplay highlight the launch of the new BSC game.

Binamon Launches with Limited Functionality 

The digital metaverse GameFi application Binamon has launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Despite a hiccup in the first hour, the latest play-to-earn game to take on BSC is ready to go. With impressive and fun gameplay, Binamon is one to watch as it develops. 

The launch was confirmed well in advance, and users were primed for the release. The game currently only has 8% of the functionality, so there remains much to build out. CEO and Software Architect, Nico, went to Twitter to express his pleasure with the launch and update users to early issues. 

“Very happy for the release of the first Binamon Play 2 Earn game! We had problems with the BSC node where we were connecting for the first 30 minutes,” Nico tweeted about 16 hours after the 21:00 UTC launch on August 28. “We changed the node and everything worked perfect! We implement a cache system that acts as a buffer.” 

The next generation of gaming has arrived with GameFi, and games like Binamon are here to lead the way. Combining popular monster gameplay, users have a simple and fun way to start earning rewards and income through the game.
Still, very early on in their development, this new type of gaming has a chance to revolutionize blockchain and entertainment. 


Incentivization Frenzy

So far, the game has received great reviews from gaming influencers, and the 31,000 Telegram members have been highly active in discussing all aspects of the new game. The early node issues appear to have been just a blip in the radar. 

Binamon issued an official update on Telegram on August 29th, following up with the upcoming activity from the game. The team from Binamon notified users that adjustments to the rewards will be coming amidst what seems like a mess of incentivization. 

The gameplay is set up to give users battle scores after an hour-long run through a pathway of monsters. Along the path, users fight and battle various creatures, increasing their skill and losing time whenever they damage. Users are raking up scores up to 25,000 Z1 token range, with the potential to hit over 30,000 in one run!

Z1 tokens are the in-game token, not to be confused with the native token of Binamon $BMON. Right now, Z1 tokens trade for around $0.034068, according to Nomics. That means that users are potentially making a few hundred dollars in the game. 

Binamon confirmed in their Telegram update that incentivization is currently being reviewed and will be adjusted. The price volatility was so hot that the Telegram was a constant flow of comments discussing slippage, price dumps for a few hours before the Telegram update. 


Next Steps

Binamon has confirmed they are pursuing a marketing campaign to bring in more users. They are also working with unconfirmed centralized exchanges (CEX) to proceed with legal documentation. 

With more gameplay to build out, users should expect to see the battle mode reinstated so that users can fight with their friends. 

The metaverse of the game has only just begun to see fruition. Binamon is proving to another viable game for earning income. 

Where to find Binamon:

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