Binamon Partners with Trees With Faces as Teasers Build Hype

One exclusive NFT is up for grabs as Binamon prepares to launch one of the best games in the GameFi space.

Strategic NFT and GameFi Partnership To Incentivize Users 

Community driven Non-fungible Token (NFT) project, Trees With Faces (TWF), has sealed a partnership with the Binamon GameFi platform. Hence, the NFT protocol will give out an exclusive NFT to celebrate the collaboration. 

The NFT platform will incentivize users to perform just three tasks on Twitter associated with Binamon. To participate in the NFT giveaway, users need to visit the TWF announcement tweet on March 19.

TWF disclosed that one Aragon Animated Dragon-TWF Tree NFT would be rewarded to one winner. Additionally, the winner will be announced on March 26, a few days before the TWF Presale goes live on March 30. 

As the name implies, TWF is a collection of randomly generated unique trees with different faces, shapes, and outfits. The protocol plans to launch a metaverse in the future after its NFT Presale. The giveaway is ongoing, and interested users should go over to the TWF tweet and participate in standing a chance of winning the exclusive digital collectible. 

Binamon Teases MOBA Game 

The highly anticipated Binamon Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game is drawing closer to being unveiled. Ahead of the launch, Binamon dropped a few teasers via Twitter. The CEO and software architect of Binamon, Nicolas Veiga, posted a short 26 seconds clip with the caption “sow today, harvest tomorrow @binamok,” on March 17.

The latest update from the upcoming game is the in-game cinematic sound. In addition, according to the CEO, the game’s intro song will be available in English and Japanese versions. 

Binamon is creating one of the best games in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The game will be massive in the NFT and GameFi space, designed to engage the online community. You can visit the protocol’s website to watch the official trailer. 

What is Binamon? 

Binamon is an NFT-based, blockchain-driven online gaming platform. It is a complete gaming metaverse of digital monsters where players battle and defeat monsters to earn BMON tokens. In addition, gamers also stake their Binamons (Genesis NFTs) and earn passive income through staking.

Where to Find Binamon:

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