Binamon Marketplace Finally Goes Live

In the past gamers relied on secondary off-site marketplaces, but can now trade their collectibles on-site.

Binamon’s Marketplace Takes off

Binamon‘s NFT marketplace is now up and running. The marketplace will enable participants in Binamon’s play-to-earn metaverse to trade their in-game collectibles. 

The platform heralded the launch on the eve of October 16 – the scheduled launch date:

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our fully functional marketplace which will be in 7 hours at 00:00 UTC”, the platform tweeted.

Confirming the successful launch in a follow-up tweet, Binamon stated that users can now list or view assets on the marketplace. The move heralds an effort to capitalize on the huge interest NFTs have enjoyed by users and investors.



In the early days of the Binamon metaverse, players had to make do with a marketplace hosted by BakerySwap. However, members of the Binamon community who found it cumbersome to shuttle from Binamon to BakerySwap to trade their NFTs yearned for Binamon to have its own marketplace. Binamon has now acceded to the mood of the community which should improve players’ game experience on the platform.

Progressive Development

Binamon metaverse has been making steady progress in the development of its play-to-earn ecosystem. The platform once occupied 3rd place in Coinmarketcap‘s top trending cryptos. Less than 2 months after the game’s launch on August 28, Binamon released its Android mobile app on October 5.

Binamon’s strides have not gone unnoticed. The platform is among the 9-best BSC dApps picked by BSCNews to take part in the maiden ‘Battle of the dApps‘ competition. Battle of the dApps is a BSCNews’ initiative that will bring together top-9 BSC dApps in a friendly face-off in the areas of security, utility, liquidity, tokenomics etc. The dApp that comes out tops after the competition will win an exclusive BSCNews marketing package. See here for more details about the ‘Battle of the dApps’.


About Binamon

Binamon is a play-to-earn GameFi 3-D metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by Pokémon, the metaverse is inhabited by digital monsters. Players can earn the native $BMON token either by battling each other’s Binamons, trading them, or staking them. 

Apart from playing to earn, the game has a feature that enables players to create and receive a physical replica of their Binamons.

Want to know more about Binamon? Visit:

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