Binamon Makes Yield Farming and Play-to-Earn Announcements After BMON Token Rallies 500%

Binamon has announced that their play-to-earn game will be ready to launch on August 28th.

The Rally and Launch

Binamon’s BMON token has demonstrated considerable growth over the past week, rallying by 543.4%. The bull run has taken $BMON from a price of $0.128688 on Monday 16th to $0.786140 on Monday 23rd. The 24-hour trading volume soared over $74 Million as well.

Following the strong showing for the BMON token, the company has added to the positive news for the Pokemon-inspired GameFi project with a pair of major announcements. The first announcement is the launch of Binamon’s first play-to-earn game.

“On August 28, 2021, Binamon will launch its play-to-earn game for the general public to be part of it. It will be simple and rewarding for gamers to play, enjoy, and earn money in the process. With Binamon NFTs already selling for $50 thousand, the play-to-earn game is coming out at the right time,” said Binamon in a sponsored post on BTC peers on August 20th.

According to Binamon, the game has been tested by ‘notable influencers’ and has received positive feedback. As the project explained, “they have given it a rating of 8.5/10… this rating places the Binamon play-to-earn game in the same category and level as Axie Infinity”.


Binamon currently has a market cap of $82 million compared to Axie Infinity’s $4.3 billion. Axie is currently the top game across all of crypto. Binamon is still a far cry from the ranks of Axie but shows promise as a growing BSC alternative.


The second announcement from Binamon is a significant new staking farm for the platform, which allows users to stake BMON and earn BTC. The project is currently working on ironing out a few technical issues with the UI.

“The APY looks low because we are not fetching the price correctly in the UI, but the gains are #BTC sky high We will fix the UI next working day,” said Binamon in a Twitter post on August 23rd.

Both announcements add to the good news for the growing Binamon community, which has over 47,000 token holders and now almost 30,000 strong on Telegram.

Where to find Binamon:

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