Binamon Land Sale Coming As GameFi Expands into Metaverse

The CTO of Binamon shared exclusive comments on what to expect when the game launches.

Binamon Launches Metaverse

Binamon is ready to take their GameFi to a whole new level. Development for a new Metaverse complete with digital land in its MOBA Game is on the way. The new game will bring increased opportunity for passive income and digital ownership for participants in the new metaverse.

The launch of the the monster and lands collection was initially teased on Nov. 17th and even weeks before by Binamon during the BSC News Battle of the Dapps––which Binamon won! The Binamon team confirmed exclusively to BSC News that they will work together with Binance NFT to launch the MOBA Game – Binance Arena in early December. 

“These lands will play an important role in the game, landlords will be able to obtain part of the energy of all the monsters who “died” in that land,” Leo, Chief Technology Officer, told BSC News. “One benefit of owning a land is that they will have passive energy acquisition that they can use within the game or sell it.”

The team at Binamon expects the game to launch in early December, but this hasn’t shied its community for hyping the launch. In true community fashion, the CEO, Nico, put out a call on Twitter for users to submit creative names for the lands and resources. Participants will also be granted in-game governance upon purchasing land. Binamon is allowing users participation at nearly every level of production. 

What is Binamon Lands?

The update to Binamon will bring more utility and fun to the game. Currently, Binamon creatures only run on a straight path and kill as many enemies without dying under a certain time. This new update changes the whole game dynamic, opening the game up to a whole metaverse!

 “Binamon lands contain game stages where players will fight epic battles!” added Leo from Binamon.

The lands will also act as a way for landowners to earn income through the battles that take place on their land. The bloodier your battlefield, the more income you can earn!

“Filled with energy, when players are defeated in these lands, the owners of the lands will receive a part of that energy, they can be converted to increase power and win battles or they can also sold – presenting the first absolute passive way to win inside the Binamon Arena,” detailed Leo.

The game looks to continue to grow, and they will not stop at the IGO. Binamon’s team has always been thinking big and have informed BSC News they will look to incorporate more player perks in the future.

“To attract more players to fight on their lands, owners will be able to add perks such as neutral monster spawn points, life orbs, energy converters, and power ups of all kinds!” the CTO exclaimed.

About Binamon

Binamon is a play-to-earn GameFi 3-D metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by Pokémon, the metaverse is inhabited by digital monsters. Players can earn the native $BMON token either by battling each other’s Binamons, trading them, or staking them. 

Apart from playing to earn, the game has a feature that enables players to create and receive a physical replica of their Binamons.

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