Binamon Gives General Updates and Teases Guild Installations

Several updates are teased, and the CTO appears after a bout of health issues.

Binamon Still Dreams of Big GameFi

In an exciting weekly update on January 14, the Binamon community was given a well-needed update following the holiday season. The Head of Partnerships for Binamon, Grant James, also teased some features of new Guild installation types for the popular PlayToEarn GameFi on Binance Smart Chain.

During the Twitch stream, Grant was joined by Community and Engagement Manager Tom and special guest, CTO Leo, who is slowly working after a health scare that is one of the driving reasons the team at Binamon delayed the project. Leo opened up to some personal details but also gave a vision for what is to come of Binamon and, ultimately, the Binamon Arena.

“You know before Binamon was like a group of disconnected games, but everything is connected, it was just not delivered in the best way,” Leo said. “When we present our new plan in a few weeks, we will show […] how everything connects to the big game. The Binamon Runner was originally a mini-game to wait for the big game!”


The Binamon team delayed their project to much dismay in mid-December. As many users expected a number of key developments the game pulled back and instead re-focused. In Leo’s vision, the pull-back was necessary to stay true to the course of the game and not make promises to do them and appease the community. Leo is on a mission to build a game users want to play.

“This is not going to be like just a crypto game. This will be a real AAA-style game that you will enjoy. I know people played Binamon Runner to earn money, not to have fun. The Binamon Arena is where users will have fun!”

The Guild Updates

Apart from the great guest appearance from CTO Leo, Grant guided the Binamon community through several developments happening regarding the guilds within Binamon. The team at Binamon, including CEO Nico, is working hard to get things fixed on the backend. 

The Binamon MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)  is going to feature a major update on earnings, according to Grant. The highlight of the teases was the guild installation types that were teased, of which the sacrificial pit caught Tom’s eye the most. In all, guilds will be a critical piece in the gameplay of Binamon as it aims for a strong social feel.

“I cannot disclose too much, but what I can say is that breeding will be done through guild, but that’s all I can,” Grant said when asked about the role of guilds in the Binamon breeding process. “My guild is going to be name BreedFi, so we’ll see.” He added, crossing his fingers in luck.

Source: Exclusive from Binamon

The Binamon Team is working hard to meet the deadline they put forth for themselves to present a report in February 2022. The deadline is fast approaching, and tweaking tokenomics will be atop the list, according Grant. 

“Lots of promising things to look forward to, and quality takes time,” said Princess Aragon, who joined the chat mid-way through. “There are ups and downs in crypto, and the only thing we can do is push forwards.”

Binamon is definitely in the down, as much of the crypto industry. Hopefully, like its Runner game, they can power through best their demons. 

What is Binamon?

Binamon is a play-to-earn GameFi 3-D metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by Pokémon, the metaverse is inhabited by digital monsters. Players can earn the native $BMON token either by battling each other’s Binamons, trading them, or staking them. 

Apart from playing to earn, the game has a feature that enables players to create and receive a physical replica of their Binamons.

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