Binamon Faces Technical Issues in BakerySwap Genesis NFT Staking

The play-to-earn NFT gaming protocol looks to quickly rectify the issue as they prepare to launch their new game.

Binamon Partnership With BakerySwap Hits Snag 

Binamon recently partnered with BakerySwap to bring Genesis Non-Fungible Token (NFT) staking for users to earn more $BMON tokens. However, Genesis NFT staking on BakerySwap appears to be facing a major setback due to technical issues.

The latest setback suggests that users may have to wait a little longer before they can stake their Genesis NFTs on BakerySwap. 

“We are aware of issues with Genesis NFT staking on BakerySwap and are working with their team to resolve it as soon as possible,” Binamon Tweeted on September 7th. 

Binamon’s Genesis NFT offers users rewards as they utilize it to participate in the gaming ecosystem. BakerySwap’s integration adds more use-case to the NFT such that users will also earn more through staking.

As it stands, the Binamon team is working hard to rectify the issue. There is positivity surrounding the integration with BakerySwap because new Binamon pools are active on the Binance Smart Chain-based AMM+NFT exchange. Binamon’s marketplace is also live on BakerySwap. 


Users were instructed to visit the Binamon Discord page to receive updates regarding the issue. 

Binamon Makes Bold Step

Binamon seeks to become the most widely used play-to-earn NFT gaming protocol in blockchain. The Software Architect at Binamon, Nico, was excited about the upcoming release  of the game in the Binamon ecosystem.

“Our next release: Game A +++ Play to Earn, which will be the most played of the entire Blockchain Universe. We are making agreements with major video game distributors,” Nico tweeted on September 7th. 

Speaking of the agreement with major video game distributors, Binamon has already taken a step in the right direction. The protocol has already struck a deal with Unreal Engine. The latest release — A +++ (AAA) will be run on Unreal Engine, ensuring that users enjoy gaming with the best graphics. 

The latest partnership shows that Binamon wants to provide enjoyable gameplay for users while they earn rewards. 

So can Binamon become the best NFT GameFi project on BSC In 2021? That question will be answered by the community reception. In the meantime, we await an update regarding the technical issues in Genesis NFT staking on BakerySwap. 

What is Binamon? 

Binamon is an NFT-based, blockchain-driven online gaming platform. It is a complete gaming metaverse of digital monsters where players battle and defeat monsters to earn BMON tokens. In addition, gamers also stake their Binamons (Genesis NFTs) and earn passive income through staking. 

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