Binamon Delays GameFi and Lands Sale in New Year

The winner of the first BSC News ‘Battle of the Dapps,’ has postponed its long-awaited game update and the implementation of its land feature.

Major Delays from Binamon

Binamon has announced a delay for nearly all of the protocol’s production until February 2022, in a stunning move that has left the Binance Smart Chain reeling. With an original launch date set for December 17, the news of the delay was already a sensitive topic.

On December 23, the Binamon team informed users of the delay with an official ‘Metaplan’ via various social media like TelegramDiscord, and Twitter. What ensued was nothing less than calamity. Users did not take kindly to the news from Binamon and the Binamon CEO did the team no favors by threatening to abandon the project entirely for the Ethereum chain. 

“It will be a proposal to be audited by our economists and presented to the community in case of having a favorable report from the professionals,” reads the Metaplan. “Important: It is not a new token but an upgrade. The report will only be available in February 2022.”


A major concern from many users seems to be the lack of discipline from the Binamon team. They have spoken of making games on different platforms (PC, Console or Mobile), but have little experience in how they all work. Following the announcement, the Binamon Telegram has been a minefield of suspicions, rumors, and vitriolic banter.

Users don’t seem to want to wait until 2022 for something that was promised in December. So far, the token is being dumped and the price is falling. Many users have little confidence in a project that continues to alter its roadmap while simultaneously complaining to users. The look is not good. 

“LMFAO this guy changes roadmap as i change underwear,” tweeted @Kevf24, in response to the change. Many of the other comments were not as nice.

Binamon still has until February to change the minds of users. In crypto, users are extremely fickle and quick to abandon and never look back. Binamon will need to flex more than words moving forward.

What is Binamon?

Binamon is a play-to-earn GameFi 3-D metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by Pokémon, the metaverse is inhabited by digital monsters. Players can earn the native $BMON token either by battling each other’s Binamons, trading them, or staking them. 

Apart from playing to earn, the game has a feature that enables players to create and receive a physical replica of their Binamons.

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