BillionHappiness Migrates Original Contract as NFT Marketplace Release Nears

The Billion Happiness team continues to innovate on the BSC, the team has successfully migrated to a new contract and is continuing to build their unique ecosystem; as the release of the NFT Marketplace inches closer.

BHC Contract Migration

The Billion Happiness team has successfully migrated to a new contract to support their unique ecosystem, including a brand new tokenomics structure. This migration’s main reason was that BHC looked a large portion of its BHC token in the BSCSwap rug pull, causing 16,723 BHC to be lost permanently.

To restore these lost tokens and correct the total supply, the team has migrated its contract, re-allocating the 33.4% of BHC in the abandoned BSCSwap Pool. Users who have BHC v1 tokens (initial contract) will be able to effortlessly migrate these tokens to the new “v2” contract. To do so, users can simply visit the traphouse from Thugs.Fi and upgrade their BHC v1. To make this migration as seamless as possible BHC teamed up with Thugs.FI as they have already implemented a similar feature to boost their DRUGS from v1 to v2. BHC v1 holders must swap their tokens as they have lost all value, be sure to convert your tokens before January 21, 2021 at 8 AM UTC as this will be the final deadline.

Now those of you who previously had BHC v1 are settled into the new contract, what are its features?

The new tokenomics contain a total supply of 50,000 BHC, of which 66.6% was used to allocate BHC v1 users their new v2 tokens. As for the remaining 33.4% of the supply (16,723 BHC), it will be issued as follows:

This new allocation preserved the tokens of initial BHC holders and allowed the Billion Happiness team to re-allocate the lost tokens, amounting to  33.4% of the supply.  Overall the team has opted to redistribute these tokens through partnerships with other BSC projects.

The graphic below displays the new BHC Tokenomics:

BillionHappiness NFT Marketplace

The BillionHappiness team has been teasing a new project in its ecosystem, an NFT Marketplace. The BillionHappiness NFT marketplace is set to launch in Q1 of 2021 and aims to serve as the Binance Smart Chains primary marketplace. Billion Happiness will allow sellers to list ERC-721 based NFT’s with features supporting multiple minting and animated artwork.

While the BSC currently has a few NFT marketplaces such as DEGO, BOUNCE, and BAKE, they lack key features that Ethereum based NFT marketplaces such as Rarible and OpenSea boast. The most extensive missing element is that BSC based NFT marketplaces lack the tools that artists need. Currently, artists on the BSC can only sell their artwork on BakerySwap, and they don’t support multiple minting or animated NFT’s. On the other end, the DEGO marketplace solely supports DEGO or DEGO partnered NFT’s, leaving no use for individual artists. The BillionHappiness NFT marketplace aims to solve these issues directly. 

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HPS Token

On top of its features, making it a complete NFT marketplace on the BSC, the marketplace has its own token, Happiness Token (HPS). HPS’s primary purpose is to be used as a BillionHappines project booster. Currently, HPS will be integrated into the NFT marketplace, allowing artists to pay listing fees in HPS or BNB. 

If users pay fees in HPS:

–50% of fees will be burned

–50% of fees will be allocated to BillionHappiness

If users pay fees in BNB:

–50% of fees used in BHC buyback and redistributed to NFT buyers

–50% of fees will be allocated to BIllionHappiness

The graphic displays the first HPS use case in the NFT market:

BHC X JetFuel.Fi 

The team at BillionHappiness has partnered with JetFuel.Fi, bringing BHC holders more liquidity and LP opportunities. Users who provide liquidity to the BHC/BNB LP on Streetwap and deposit those LP’s to the Fuel Depot will begin earning FUEL. Currently, 2.8% of FUEL block rewards will be allocated to the respective liquidity providers. At a block reward of .0413, there are now ~1,200 FUEL minted daily, 33 of which are allocated to BHC/BNB LPs. Don’t miss out on these rewards, as the APY is currently hovering around ~750%!

Concluding Thoughts

The BillionHappiness team was quick to recover their lost tokens and was able to re-purpose them. This is great for token holders as BHC now has some partnerships with Thugs.Fi and JetFuel.FI, two major BSC projects. Overall, the contract migration was necessary to preserve BHC’s integrity, and the team is now ready to continue innovation.

This takes us to HPS and the NFT marketplace, which fills a large void on the BSC. There is no direct competitor to Ethereum networks Rarible on the BSC, but the BillionHappiness NFT marketplace is set to change this. This marketplace gives NFT artists direct access to minting and listing multiple NFT’s, which is yet to be incorporated by other BSC marketplaces. Overall, NFT artists will have access to the tools used on premier Ethereum NFT marketplaces but benefit from low gas fees on BSC.

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