Billion Happiness Launching NFT Marketplace Geared Towards Artists

Billion Happiness is launching their Binance Smart Chain NFT marketplace! Let’s talk about that.

Billion Happiness Marketplace

Billion Happiness is set to launch its NFT marketplace on May 8, 2021. It aims to create one of the biggest, interoperable NFT marketplaces on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

This marketplace will feature tradable digital properties like ERC-721 for traders and artists alike.

The team promises to include distinctive features which are conspicuously missing in other NFT marketplaces. Currently, the BSC hosts a few NFT marketplaces, but many have limited features compared to Billion Happiness.  The NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain only afford artists the ability to sell their works on a few selected platforms. Many are opposed to multiple minting, and don’t support individual artists. Billion Happiness NFT marketplace offers a solution to these limitations. Let’s talk about some of the features that make up the project.

Core Features of Billion Happiness Marketplace

Billion Happiness offers extensive market exposure to artists via their multiple minting option.  It also builds support for individual artists by presenting the opportunity for local support. With these outstanding features, it has a chance of becoming the primary NFT marketplace on BSC.

The marketplace also intends to support a myriad of NFT token standards thereby extending the Binance Smart Chain’s ecosystem considerably. 

Billion Happiness team has finalized contracts for two tokens:

ERC 1155 token contract (Both website and private collection)

ERC 721 token contract (Both website and private collection)

The marketplace will have two main categories. One section will be for artworks, while the other will be for memes. This will aid the aesthetics of the marketplace and help achieve an organized platform where people can engage with the content they wish. Although it may include more categories in the future, these are the two main segments for now.

The artwork section will include varying minted art forms like complex drawings, arts, and abstracts, while the memes category will contain any asset that portrays humor. According to the Billion Happiness team, the minting in the marketplace will be reasonably priced. If this affordability turns out to be true, this will give it a defined edge over other NFT marketplaces.


Billion Happiness has requested an audit from CertiK. This auditor is one of the top auditors on the Binance Smart Chain. Although an audit doesn’t promise security, it evaluates various vulnerabilities that may be present. This marketplace seeks to ensure that all vulnerabilities are checked, ensuring a secure and quality experience for users.

About Billion Happiness


Billion Happiness is a community-based project aimed at providing easy Blockchain access to a variety of services. These services include both physical assets such as merch and clothing, as well as digitized art and other mediums. The project rewards users with $BHC, their native token, and has enabled a variety of uses for the token across other BSC projects. 


The Billion Happiness team is working continuously ahead of the launch to iron out any kinks. With its promising features, the HPS marketplace may soon become a one-stop solution to all the limitations similar marketplaces harbor. This launch should help boost the NFTs marketplace landscape on Binance Smart Chain. For artists, this is a chance to launch into the NFT world and deliver valuable artwork with flexibility and ease.

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