Billion Happiness is Preparing for the Launch of Their Highly Anticipated NFT Marketplace

The Billion Happiness (BH) NFT marketplace is set to launch in Q1 of 2021. It aims to serve as the Binance Smart Chains primary marketplace.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are also known as crypto-collectibles. They can not be divided, maintain uniqueness, and characterize scarcity associated with cryptocurrencies. This ultimately creates a great tool to speculate on art and other digital items. Also embedded in NFT’s attributes is the ability to represent a unique digital asset or tokenized versions of real-world assets. Initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard, the NFT industries have since expanded into other blockchains. Blockchain companies like WAX have drastically increased the amount of NFTs they are minting.

HPS Marketplace

The Billion Happiness (BH) NFT marketplace is set to launch in Q1 of 2021. It aims to serve as the Binance Smart Chains primary marketplace. Billion Happiness will allow sellers to list ERC-721 based NFT’s with features supporting multiple minting and animated artwork.

The BSC currently has a few NFT marketplaces but they lack key features. Ethereum based NFT marketplaces such as Rarible and OpenSea offer much more innovation. The most extensive missing element is that BSC-based NFT marketplaces lack the tools that artists need. Currently, artists on the BSC can only sell their artwork on select platforms and they don’t support multiple minting. NFT marketplaces only support partnered NFT’s, leaving no use for individual artists. The BillionHappiness NFT marketplace aims to solve these issues directly.

The marketplace creates a complete ecosystem for NFT’s allowing for the creation and sale of the tokens. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) lacks a robust NFT ecosystem and the team at BHC aims to provide a one-stop solution. Unlike most NFT marketplaces on the BSC the HPS marketplace will support a plethora of different NFT token standards. The team has already completed the contract for the following tokens:

ERC 721 token contract(Website collection)

ERC 1155 token contract(Website collection)

ERC 721 token contract(Private collection)

ERC 1155 token contract(Private collection)

The implementation of these tokens allows users to mint multiple NFTs and even animations. The BH marketplace will consist of two main categories, Artwork, and Memes. Within the artwork category, artists can mint any form of art, abstracts, complex drawings, etc. In the meme section, users can mint anything conveying humor. These initial categories were selected to better organize the marketplace. As the project develops the team will evaluate additional categories.


The HPS token is the booster token for the NFT platform. This is the second token in the BillionHappiness ecosystem used to build and support the ecosystem. HPS will be used for trading, collecting, and creating NFTs on the platform. HPS has just finished its token sale of 550,000 HPS. This was done in two rounds, 250,000 on Bounce and 300,000 on the Crude Oil launchpad. Of the collected funds, 40% have been locked into liquidity to ensure there is no rug pull and ample liquidity for users.  Both presales have been completed so to obtain the token it must be bought on decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap and JulSwap. There were leftover tokens after the sales so the BH team held a community vote to decide their use. This vote decided to burn the remaining 300,000 HPS valued at $1,359,030 at the time of burn. The transaction can be seen here!

Users can currently stake HPS or provide liquidity on JulSwap to earn additional HPS rewards. Currently, HPS will be integrated into the NFT marketplace, allowing artists to pay listing fees in HPS or BNB.

If users pay fees in HPS:

50% of fees will be burned

50% of fees will be allocated to BillionHappiness

If users pay fees in BNB:

50% of fees used in BHC buyback and redistributed to NFT buyers

50% of fees will be allocated to BIllionHappiness

The graphic displays the first HPS use case in the NFT market:


The team at Billion Happiness is polishing up their developments on the NFT marketplace. Currently, the backend of the website and the IPFS are being setup. The team is expecting to roll out the marketplace in the last week of march.

The team has also purchased an audit from the leading auditor on the BSC, CertiK. This audit is currently underway and is checking the security of the marketplace’s smart contracts. As smart contract risks are prevalent, it is lovely to see projects go out of their way to receive audits. Audits don’t ensure security but they check for the most common vulnerabilities that are exploited.

Concluding Thoughts

Billion Happiness is finalizing the launch of its marketplace. The complete NFT marketplace is expected to launch in the last week of March. The launch of this marketplace will further bootstrap the NFT ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. Users will finally have a user-friendly and seamless NFT marketplace. As the NFT space continues to rapidly expand we can expect to see the HPS marketplace at the forefront of BSC NFTs. Overall, the Billion Happiness marketplace aims to fill the void in NFTs on the BSC and capture the ever-growing sector of cryptocurrencies.

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