Billion Happiness Announces Slew of Updates for BH Users

There are plans for an airdrop for NFT creators, burn and buyback events, and the launch of the ambassador program.

Important Project Updates

In its recent weekly update released on June 16th, 2021, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) creation and marketplace platform announced a series of significant project development and updates, all of which are already live.

BH NFT Marketplace Weekly Update | Source

Burn and BuyBack Event

The team has announced the completion of the Burn and BuyBack of $HPS and $BHC tokens, respectively. The BH NFT team bought back $727.02 worth of $BHC and burnt $39.34 worth $HPS using fees collected from the Billion Happiness NFT marketplace. This is an deflationary strategy deployed by the team to help stabilize and increase the token value in the market.

Below are the transaction links:

$BHC Buy-Back Contract Details

$HP Burn Contract Details

Billion Happiness Airdrop Challenge

Billion Happiness has opened the door for NFTs enthusiasts and creators to show their talents and get rewarded for it by being among the first creators on the BH platform. From June 7th to 20th, the platform will be rewarding all creators who dare to innovate.

The participation guide is contained in the airdrop and ambassador guide uploaded to their Medium page. The guide involves connecting your wallet to the platform, choosing and creating your favorite artwork into an NFT, and sharing your work on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, and Weibo.


Total Rewards: 2000u HPS

Winners: 100 in Total

Ranking 1–10: 1000u HPS, 100u HPS for each

Ranking 11–20: 500u HPS, 50u HPS for each

Ranking 21–50: 300u HPS, 10u HPS for each

Ranking 51–100: 200u HPS, 4u HPS for each

The top 100, ranked by points garnered in the form, will receive bonuses. The higher the points, the more that users will receive as a prize. Points can be checked at any time during the campaign. Winners will be selected in full compliance with the principles of openness and transparency.

Billion Happiness Ambassador Program

The team is calling global influencers, NFT enthusiasts, and public members to become part of the platform leaders. These investors will take part in the protocol development, help drive BH globally and bring more attention to the NFT platform from the rest of the world.

Interested readers can take part by sending in their registration via the provided form.

Participation Requirements

NFT Creators: Possess the capability to create NFTs and contents on the BH NFT platform long-term. Will become the long-term content ambassador for the BillionHappiness NFT ecology.

NFT Community Leaders: Participate in the building of BillionHappiness NFT community, management capabilities, and have the abilities to bring customers to the platform. An added aspiration to expand the NFT community will be beneficial.

NFT Missionaries: Applicants with rich NFT resources are preferred; the Missionaries’ goal is to bring new platform users and to introduce the BillionHappiness NFT platform to the public.

The Rewards

Becoming an ambassador to the platform allows for people to closely interact with the Billion Happiness team. It allows the community to have a say in some of the project governance, as well as work with the team directly to improve the platform.

Billion Happiness Ambassador Program | Source

According to the team, each ambassador’s involvement will determine their rewards. The team can also grant each ambassador monthly rewards and certificates for their unique contributions.

About Billion Happiness 

Bullion Happiness is an NFT marketplace that allows for the creation and sales of NFTs on BSC. In the BH NFT protocol, the process involved in creating NFTs has been simplified to cater to easy entry for first-time users. Users can create NFTs in any form, including videos, music, gifs, and pictures. Once they submit relevant artwork information, they can complete NFT creation within just three minutes. NFT creators on the platform can target global buyers to enhance transaction opportunities and value growth.

NFT enthusiasts can leverage this opportunity to become part of the BSC NFT ecosystem via the airdrop and ambassador programs presented to the community.

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