Bfarm – Stake & Earn BNB & BUSD Referrals is a High Yield Investment Program developed for the community and built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Introducing Barm 

Bfarm is a new yield farming platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering users fixed and steady daily income. The platform claims to be safe and secure for users looking to maximize their income through staking. Leveraging the BSC network ensures that transactions occur at a fast pace. Hence, users can enjoy quick staking and yield generation with ease via the BSC. 

The protocol offers withdrawals After The Lockup Periods Ends deposits Are Locked based on the Designated Lockup periods.

With a steady daily income of 17.5% upon deposits. In addition, users can also earn through the Bfarm affiliate program. Their smart contract is verified on BscScan. Users do not have to worry about vulnerabilities as their smart contract code passed the Haze Crypto Audit. Haze crypto is the leading blockchain security firm in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry. 

How to Earn Passive Income by Staking Binance Coin (BNB or BUSD)?

BFarm is a new staking service for Binance Coin (BNB or BUSD) that users can use around the world. It offers high staking rewards as a Return On Investment (ROI).

Bfarm is a new staking service that allows you to stake your native Binance tokens for big returns. The service has been recently launched and will look to create to the needs of BNB  or BUSD users across the world.

Minimum BNB stake: 0.05 BNB Max unlimited

Minimum BUSD stake: 10$ Max unlimited

8 Days Lockup return: 140%

Plan designed for shorter-term investors looking to get a quick return. Return rate designed to ensure less of an effect on long-term participants.

16 Days Lockup return: 188%

2% Giveaway Bonus instant credit

The strategy is designed to yield optimal returns for those who are looking to set investments on a monthly basis. It is best for participants that would like to make recurring monthly investments in other platforms.

25 Days Lockup return: 245%

3% Giveaway Bonus instant credit

Highest yield return policy designed for investors that want to set and forget. Make your deposit with a 25-day lockup to get the highest return rate on the platform!

Referral Program

In addition to this staking feature, there is also an extensive referral system in place. There are three levels with the following benefits –15%

Level 1- 8%

Level 2- 3%

Level 3- 2%

Level 4- 1%

Level 5- 1%

So, by inviting more BNB users onto the platform, you can have extra further gains.

BFarm Roadmap program is very secure; the contract has been studied and verified to be 100% safe. With the features included, the contract will be able to sustain itself for a very long time.

Proved Safety

Bfarm has successfully passed the Hazecrypto Security Audit. HazeCrypto audit found no vulnerabilities, backdoors, or any scam scripts on the project.





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