Beyond Memes: Animal-Themed Projects Making Bold Moves

A collection of meme projects going the extra mile with utility.

Above and Beyond

Meme coins make up a sizable portion of the overall market capitalization despite their value being attached to virality and community engagement over actual utility. However, many of these animal-themed darlings are going the extra mile to provide utility and strengthen their ecosystem. 

Here’s a collection of 3 meme coins making bold moves.

Shiba Inu Plans Stablecoin Release, Bonus Token, and Card Game Collectibles

The Shib Army is marching on strongly with its ecosystem expansion. Despite concerns surrounding decentralized stablecoins lately, Shiba Inu developer Kusama confirmed plans for stablecoin $SHI and a new token, $TREAT, which will have multiple applications across the SHIB ecosystem.

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FEG Ecosystem Announces New Stablecoin, Dares to Be Google of DeFi

Another popular meme coin on the Ethereum and BNB Chain to make bold moves is Feed Every Gorilla (FEG). The project dares to be the Google of DeFi after announcing its stablecoin, USCT, in the last quarter of 2021. USCT will scrap decimal points and cents. 

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Floki Expands Memecoin Narrative With Utilities

One of the most dominant of the meme ecosystem, Floki recently launched FlokiFi, with Valhalla, its flagship metaverse game, still in the alpha stage. The project seeks to continue its rebranding from memecoin to utility token with these offerings.

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