Berry Data Launches “Yield Radar” and 4 Partnerships, Expanding Binance Smart Chain Oracle Services

Berry Data looks ready to become a data aggregator staple in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Yield Radars and Partnerships 

Berry Data has recently grown its services with a yield radar, massive partnerships, and chain oracle services. Berry Data is a data services protocol operating on Binance Smart Chain. The price oracle welcomes four new partnerships to expand their platform and a new yield radar to lure users to their platform. Berry Data announced the updates in a Medium post on June 28th. 

The first big news is Berry Data’s new yield radar. Their data aggregating yield radar doesn’t aggregate all yields, but their new protocol does follow the major ones. The new yield radar went live on June 24th. The yield radar has a clean user interface and currently major yields from fiats, BNBCAKE, and BTC.


Although their yield farming aggregator is not as comprehensive as the yield radar on’ platform, Berry Data has begun taking the proper steps to provide investors a valuable tool to track yield performance and changes. Berry Data’s oracle is clean but simple and does not have the details of the tools at BSC.News. The BSC.News tool offers more farms plus daily yield info. 

Four New Partnerships

Berry Data has also established four partnerships that hope to bring extra value to the Berry Data protocol. The partnerships are as follows:

Berry Data Established a Partnership with KLend: Berry Data will provide data services to KLend in exchange for Berry Data acquiring lending support from KLend. ~ More info on this partnership

Berry Oracle will be integrated with CafeSwap: Berry Data looks to provide CafeSwap users with better trading experience by leveraging Berry Data’s secure and reliable data. The two also look to work together to bring further benefits/services to users. ~ More info on this partnership

Berry Data has now partnered with OpenDeFi: Both Berry Data and OpenDeFi have partnered together with the goal of marketing development and tech sharing. OpenDeFi will integrate with Berry Oracle and Berry Data to adopt OpenDeFi’s protocol. ~More info on this partnership.

Berry Data and Whale Farm will be integrated with Berry Oracle for secure and reliable data aggregation: The partnership aims to create a safe and secure trading experience by providing WhaleFarm Finance a trustless and decentralized alternative for off-chain data. ~More info on this partnership.

Berry Data has also burned quite a bit of their $BRY tokens. The cumulative total for tokens burned has now reached 91,468 tokens successfully burned. The weekly total of burned tokens was 7,800, ending June 28th. 


The platform also looks poised to bring strong use case updates to their platform, including more data and tracking of token pairs and data feed yields. The price oracle also is gearing up for NFTs and a lottery feature to their platform. Berry Data looks ready to continue its mission of bringing massive value to its protocol, further benefiting the investors who use the oracle. 

What is Berry Data?

Berry Data is an open community-verified price and data oracle on the Binance Smart Chain network. The protocol offers a robust infrastructure for decentralized applications to provide additional value to users on their particular platform. Liquidity mining data is the specific data of Berry Data focus, and the site updates every three minutes. However, this focus is subject to change as the platform grows. Berry Data could well become one of the most sought-after data aggregation protocols in time, and following the news of their recent partnerships/updates, the platform is well on its way. 

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