Belt Finance Issues Update for Major Q4 Improvements

The update features many significant innovations that the protocol will look to accomplish for the remainder of 2021.

Belt Finance Promises Top-notch Improvements 

Belt Finance is poised to make so many significant improvements in its major update. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has published its Q4 update to showcase its plans to users for the remainder of the year. 

The Q4 update is a blueprint of what Belt Finance will accomplish in the last quarter of 2021. The protocol offers low-loss stableswap on both BSC and HECO chains but will further develop to provide cross-chain stableswaps. This new top feature and many other unique innovations are enclosed in the protocol’s blog on 20th October. 

“Finally, what everyone’s been waiting for: better $BELT tokenomics, governance, and more!” Belt Finance announced the update via Twitter on 20th October. “A cross-chain swap between @BinanceChain, @HECO_Chain, and @klaytn_official too!” 


Belt Finance is trying to become one of the best single asset yield optimization vaults–beltToken vaults collections in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry. The protocol lets users deposit major assets with several means of making a profit. Expanding to offer cross-chain stableswaps will ensure that users will efficiently go cross-chain and deposit their top assets and stablecoins to obtain a high yield from beltToken vaults. 

In addition, Belt Finance will also strengthen its $BELT tokenomics to accommodate its all-in-one cross-chain package. The protocol wants to add more value to its token following the forthcoming progress. 

Belt Finance’s Q4 Update Summary 

According to Belt Finance’s blog on 20th October, the multi-strategy yield optimization protocol is set to undertake some significant changes. However, the most considerable modification remains the cross-chain swap and pool integration, consisting of three stablecoins on three different chains, including USDT on BSC, USDT on HECO Chain, and kUSDT on Klaytn. 

The protocol will utilize Orbit Chain and Orbit bridge to provide cross-chain swapping for its users. Orbit bridge is a decentralized cross-chain bridging protocol, and its integration will allow users to quickly move their assets across different chains with little impermanent losses and slippage. What’s more, users will accomplish this effectively without using Centralized Exchanges (CEX). 

“Belt’s new cross-chain stableswap system also makes it possible to connect to existing liquidity-based DEX’s to make it possible for users to essentially swap any token to any other token on any of the connected chains (BSC, HECO, Klaytn),” the blog shed more light on the top modification. 

The Q4 update also covers additional improvements such as improved tokenomics to improve its protocol’s stability, a having model to control inflation, a comprehensive security audit, and the long-awaited governance system. 

Check out Belt Finance’s blog to read all Q4 updates for the remainder of the year. 

About Belt Finance

Belt Finance is an AMM protocol with multi-strategy yield optimization on BSC, HECO Chain, and Klaytn. In addition, the protocol boasts yield optimization vault collection, Pools, Staking & Swapping feature, and a cross-chain bridge that facilitates swapping across multiple chains. 

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