Belifex listed staking on Safeswap Online

Staking Announcement

We have recently released staking for one of the projects that signed up in early stages to start using the SafeSwap Staking Platform.
Users can now Stake BEFX for a variety of pairs.

What is Belifex?

Belifex is the creator of the BeliPay platform a donation / payment request tool that allows individuals to send payment requests or put donation buttons, etc on their website. BeliPay is currently being under construction and being rebuilded to support the BEP20 environment.

BEFX is also a deflationary token and therefor according to the Belifex team they have decided to keep the staking reward at a lower number of the total supply currently.

Start Staking BEFX

Belifex Tweet about SafeSwap Staking Listing

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