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The BeGlobal ecosystem seeks to innovate in the same vein as tech giants like Google and Apple, eschewing flashy marketing for innovative and utilitarian principles.

Introducing BeGlobal

BeGlobal is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, encompassing a swap, high-yield optimizer and other features such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with utility and future governance, with more coming in the future. BeGlobal seeks to be a one-stop-shop for DeFi users, making it easy to access a variety of services under the umbrella of a single platform.

Rather than focusing on marketing and drawing an initial buzz that dies down due to a lack of utility, BeGlobal is building a product that can take advantage of the potential that DeFi offers. BeGlobal focuses on future vision rather than immediate gratification.

“We are not just another clone. We want to be Gmail back in 2004 or the first iPhone in 2007,” BeGlobal founder and CEO Samuel Jiménez explained in a Medium post. “They didn’t have something extraordinary (can you believe it?)… they integrated ALL the knowledge of the market in ONE place. You didn’t need anything else, only a Gmail account or an iPhone. That’s it. That insight was powerful and changed everything in the industry. At BeGlobal, we are following the same philosophy.”

BeGlobal prioritizes an affordable experience for their users. They have zero deposit fees, and extremely low swapping fees. Built by a public team of experienced DeFi advocates, BeGlobal seeks to build a product that is scalable, sustainable, and rewarding for users. Their expertise in software, development, and other related concepts help them steer the project in a beneficial manner.

BeGlobal is currently undergoing an audit by CertiK to verify their code before launch and deployment of their smart contract. The team has stated they are confident in their code, but wish to ensure that their code will stand up to their planned scaling and platform upgrades.

Key Features

Currently BeGlobal has a handful of services available on their platform, with another group of features still in development.

Decentralized Exchange AMM

The BeGlobal Decentralized Exchange (DEX) AMM allows users to swap tokens, farm yields, and earn rewards for holding $GLOBAL. The trading fee is just 0.086% – extremely affordable! Currently 0.05% of the fee goes to the BeGlobal team for marketing and operations while 0.036% goes to liquidity providers. While this will be constantly adjusted, BeGlobal will always notify its users before any changes to the fee structure are made.

Yield Farming

Yield farming on the BeGlobal DEX is simple – add liquidity to Liquidity Pools (LPs) and get rewarded in $GLOBAL. There are no deposit fees as BeGlobal believes that deposit fees signify a lack of interest in the long term viability of their platform, as after APR% drops those deposits are basically liquidated. 

All fees earned in $GLOBAL are burned, and fees on other tokens are nearly exclusively converted to $GLOBAL and burned as well.

NFT Governance

BeGlobal recognizes the momentum and importance that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) offer to DeFi, particularly in terms of NFT-based gaming. They have focused on gamifying parts of their platform for a more engaging experience for users.The team has stated that in time, governance of their platform will be shifted over to NFTs. While this is still in development, the team advises users to stay tuned for more information regarding this transition.


The BeGlobal launchpad (or Launchpool) allows new projects to take advantage of the growing BeGlobal community by offering exposure to their token. It allows projects to distribute some of their token to $GLOBAL holders. Users need only lock in their tokens to receive the rewards.


BeGlobal offers a variety of vaults that minimize user interaction in their farming. These include auto-compounding vaults on assets like $CAKE, as well as $GLOBAL vaults that yield BNB for users. The vaults allow users to avoid paying withdrawal fees until they are finished staking their tokens completely. There are a variety of types of vaults which can be found in the BeGlobal docs.

The more that a user has invested in the BeGlobal ecosystem, the higher APRs they can obtain. This incentivizes user participation on the platform which also boosts overall growth.


BeGlobal has their presale coming up for users to begin to support the platform. BeGlobal seeks to complete their roadmap within 6 months, and this requires capital. In order to raise this capital, they are holding a presale. The whitelist round ran from October 1st to October 6th, but the public round is just around the corner. The whitelist round had a smaller number of investors to ensure interest in the public round, creating buying pressure on $GLOBAL.


Dates: October 11-13

Price: 4,350 $GLOBAL per BNB

Minimum/Max Allocation: None

BNB Hard Cap: 7,345 BNB

Presale Location: BeGlobal dApp

Concluding Thoughts

BeGlobal isn’t your run-of-the-mill DeFi project that offers flashy marketing with little substance to back up their claims of ‘going to the moon’. What they offer instead is a chance to join a team with a vision of making industry-shaking innovations in the future. 

This type of vision doesn’t guarantee success, but it does demonstrate a commitment to making a sustainable product that could offer lasting utility. If you are looking for a product that could be a household name in the near future, BeGlobal could be what you are looking for.

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