BeefyFinance v2 Goes Live

Version 2 gives a redesigned layout for an improved experience, but users still have an option to switch to the old version.

Beefy Version 2 is Live

Top BNB Chain yield optimizer, Beefy Finance, has released Version 2 (v2) of its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol.

Beefy’s v2 went live on March 27 following a Twitter announcement by the protocol. The new version is essentially a tweak of the user-interface to improve the users’ experience. That’s right, the same great yields optimized by Beefy with a cool, new look.

“Beefy v2: Your Personalized Multichain DeFi App is LIVE. Check it out the new,” Beefy announced in a simple tweet.

Some users who tried their hands on Beefy’s new interface reported diverse experiences. On the platform’s Reddit handle, a user eulogized the revamped interface:

“Thanks Beefy team, the features of v2 are great!” the user stated


However, on Beefy’s Telegram group, a few users preferred sticking to the old order:

“I don’t like the new UI. Is there a way to use the old one? It’s a lot more confusing,” one user remarked.

Different strokes for different folks, you could say. It’s not strange for some users to find a new user-interface a bit clumsy at the beginning. However, with time, most people eventually get accustomed to the new look and feel. Beefy Finance has, however, provided a link for users who might still want to use the old version.

What is Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a multi-chain yield optimizer on BNB Chain. The protocol’s token, $BIFI, is currently trading at around $1,467, according to CoinMarketCap. Beefy is known for its high yields on their compounding interest for investors. Beefy Finance offers unique vaults for users to stake crypto tokens and earn high yields from their deposits. 

Where to find Beefy Finance: 

Website | Twitter | Medium |Telegram | Discord | Github | Additional Resources 

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