Beefy Finance Vaults Offers Promising APYs Amid Instability

Beefy Finance continues to launch new vaults with attractive interest rates, despite bearish market sentiments.

Secure and High APY Vaults

Beefy Finance has introduced new vaults amid market tensions that offer attractive return rates.

Beefy Finance has introduced a range of pairs for LP vaults in the last few days. They are as follows:

The FTM-BNB vault launched on June 14 on the BNB Chain network currently offers an APY of 63.52%.

On the same day, the AVAX-BNB vault was launched on BNB Chain, showing a current APY of 37.42%.

An APY of 9.05% is currently offered by the USDT/USDC/DAI stablecoin vault launched on the Moonbeam network.

The xcDOT-GLMR vault launched on Moonbeam on June 15 currently offers an APY of 461.26%.

The USDC.mad-GLMR LP vault launched on Moonbeam on the same day — showing an APY of 538.78% at the time of writing.

Currently, the newQuick-MATIC LP pair launched on the Polygon network has an APY of 170.60%.

In contrast, TUSD-USDC has a current APY of 8.45%.

The WBTC.mad-GLMR launched on the same day on Moonbeam maintaining an annual yield of 551.14%.


Beefy Finance recently launched Moonpot on BNB Chain, a win-win lottery that rewards all participants. Learn more about Moonpot here.

What is Beefy Finance:

Beefy Finance is a cross-chain yield farming aggregator on Binance Smart Chain, HECO, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche blockchain that helps investors to grow their crops automatically through its automated vault strategies.

Where to find Beefy Finance:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium

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