Beefy Finance and Moonpot DO NOT Tease NFT Launch

A slew of playful tweets by Beefy Finance and Moonpot indicate the release of forthcoming NFTs.

NFTs NOT in the Pipeline

For days now, the team behind Beefy Finance and Moonpot have been utilizing social media to tease the release of exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

To get a better handle on this, BSC News spoke to the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Beefy Finance, Mooncow, who was just as coy on the topic of forthcoming NFTs:

“We are happy to announce that we are NOT releasing a collection of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain in the near future. And we WON’T be letting some of our community members and OG Beefy farmers jump the queue to mint a few,” the exclusive comment continued. “We also WON’T be making a percentage of these available to win via the upcoming NFT Pots on Moonpot.”


Many users will not be surprised to see both projects flirt with the release of NFTs and tease a forthcoming collection as the market continues to enjoy an NFT boom. 

The latest iteration of the several teasers came from Moonpot’s official Twitter account on October 4th, as they went ahead and posted an image of what seemed like an NFT collaboration with Beefy Finance.

“This is NOT an #NFT tease for @beefyfinance And that’s NOT a cow in a @moonpotziggy costume,” the team teased via Twitter, “And Moonpot is NOT going to release a teaser video for #NFT Pots today. Carry on, please.”

Beefy Birthday

With the anniversary of Beefy’s release coming up, a Twitter invitation has been marked for October 5th 17:00 UTC for a conversation regarding the latest developments. 

We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears to the ground for you to see whether any further information is released regarding the aforementioned NFTs. 

With the success both Beefy Finance and Moonpot have enjoyed of late, there will be no shortage of takers, should NFTs eventually materialize.  


About Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a multi-chain yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain. The protocol’s token, $BIFI, is currently trading at ~$1,083, according to CoinMarketCap. Beefy is known for its high yields on their compounding interest for investors. Beefy Finance offers unique vaults for users to stake crypto tokens and earn high yields from their deposits. 

Where to find Beefy Finance:

Website | Medium | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | GitHub | Additional Resources |


Moonpot is a win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the mission to help as many people as possible grow their assets safely and securely while having fun doing so. Moonpot savings vaults make it simple for anyone to access the bank-beating DeFi interest rates available in crypto. A weekly lottery gives everyone saving via Moonpot the thrill of a possible big win while never putting their deposit at risk.

Where to find Moonpot:

Website | YouTube | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | GitHub |

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