Become a Biswap Space Agent and Win a Prize of $5 Million

The incentivization program is open to people who are skilled in creating content and boast of strong social media communities.

Biswap Launch Space Agent Program 

Biswap calls on users to become agents and win $BSW rewards from a prize pool of $5,000,000. The protocol invited users to join the Biswap Space Agents Program for a chance to win. 

The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) posted the program details on the Biswap News portal and urged users to participate on March 1 via its Twitter account. From the publication, Biswap launched the program to find passionate members who are dedicated to Promoting the Biswap project. 

“The Biswap Metaverse is looking for dedicated affiliates for long term collaboration who are passionate about Biswap and ready to promote the project on social media and other online spaces,” Biswap wrote. “Affiliates will be rewarded with BSW tokens for supporting the Biswap project in its stages of development and general empowerment in the crypto world.” 


The Biswap affiliate program consists of two assignments—Monthly Spacewalks and Space mission, and it is open to people who have experience in content production. Additionally, participants must have strong social media communities. Users chosen to become Biswap agents would receive numerous benefits, including up to $3,000 in BSW tokens for productivity and high-quality work. 

“Promote Biswap Metaverse in several ways and earn rewards with thriving BSW tokens! Biswap Space Agents Program includes Monthly Spacewalks and Space mission. Explore one of these ways and join the magnificent journey as a reliable Biswap Agent in the crypto world,” the blog read. 

Interested users should visit the Biswap blog to view the requirements and learn how to participate in the incentivization program and earn through Monthly Spacewalks or Space Mission. 

What is Biswap

Biswap, as a decentralized exchange on the BNB Chain, is growing in popularity due to its innovativeness. It introduced a first-of-its-kind 3-type referral scheme where users earn rewards whenever their referrals take part in farms, launchpools, or make swaps. Biswap charges 0.1% transaction fees which is one of the lowest in BNB Chain. 

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