bEarn Offers Sports Betting for UEFA EURO 2020 as Competition Heats Up

The bEarn community can benefit from the tournament by placing bets on the EURO 2020 tournament and maximizing their BDO holdings.

Sports Betting And EURO 2020

Soccer (or football) is perhaps one of the most bet-on sports currently. bEarn.Fi, announced EURO 2020 betting on its platform in its official publication on June 23rd. While the World Cup brings the broader soccer population to a standstill, many other tournaments also attract football fans. These tourneys include the Champions League, Premier League, and the EUROs. The EUROs is currently ongoing, meaning betting is in its full swing. 


The EURO 2020 tournament is currently the most prominent event this year. The tournament is about to enter the quarterfinals, which features the best teams playing in intense matches. Fans of the tournament have witnessed some shocking results as top favorites like France, Germany, and Portugal have bowed out of the tournament. A total of 24 teams started the competition and only 8 remain. Judging by the recent outcomes, betting will become more unpredictable. bEarn brings the best betting odds to take betting to the next level with bLotto EURO betting. Using bEarn, users can bet and earn BDO as they support their favorite teams. 

EURO 2020 on bEarn 

bEarn Tweeted on the 29th of June to remind users of one of the biggest games in the tournament — England vs. Germany. While Germany fell out of the tournament, many bettors were able to win a low-odds victory. Now that the competition is moving towards the grand finale, matches are becoming even tougher and better – and so has the betting. 


The competition still has many top teams left like Spain, Belgium, Italy, and England. Users still have the chance to predict the outcomes of the matches scheduled to hold on Friday, July 2nd, and Saturday, July 3rd. Live betting and tracking on bEarn commenced on the 12th of June, and users who wish to begin their betting journey in this tournament should visit this page

Betting on bEarn

EURO 2020 betting on bEarn is of three types: Asian Handicap, Traditional 1X2, and Over/Under. 

Asian Handicap: This means that the better team must win by more goals for a punter who bets on them to win.

Traditional 1X2: This predicts the match’s final result: a win for either two teams involved or a draw. 

Over/Under: The punter predicts the overall goal statistic of both teams (goals combined), either over or under a specific range. 

bEarn Sports Betting Participation 

Purchase BDOV2 from bDEX.Fi

Go to the EURO Betting page and ensure you connect the same wallet used to purchase the BDOV2. 

Place your bets. 

Wait for the results. 

Claim your earnings. 

About bEarn


bEarn is a cross-chain protocol in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that provides many unique features. These features include an algorithmic stablecoinyield generation, gaming aggregation, cross-chain bridge, lending Decentralized Exchange (DEX), lottery-style giveaways, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and more. bEarn is built on BSC and is a multi-chain protocol. After a recent exploit damaged trust in the protocol, it is a positive sign that users are engaging with their products again.


With the introduction of EURO 2020 betting, bEarn has taken crypto betting to the next level. The bEarn community can enjoy following their favorite teams while also having the license to maximize their earnings. With more matches coming up, users can benefit from the profit-making innovation by the cross-chain yield farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain. The over 400,000 in BDO already placed on EURO 2020 betting is a sign that the tournament has led to a considerable influx of users to the protocol.

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