bEarn Fi Releases April Update Displaying Continuous Innovation

bEarn has released its monthly wrap-up for April 2021. The wrap-up included updates about their AMA, bFolio, multi-pegs, bLending, and bPower.

bEarn’s April 2021 Wrap-up and AMA

bEarn focuses on staying in touch with its investors and members, bEarn has released its April update. Those who missed the update were afforded the chance to read the recap of the session. The AMA session was held on April 12th and even the best question of the day was rewarded with 500 $BDO. A post of the recap was made available through bEarn’s medium page.


bEarn has announced that V2 LP is now supported by the BFI-BNB vaults on Hence, all users are advised to migrate to V2 LP on PancakeSwap and earn higher APYs.

On April 21, sBDO and bBDO were added to the bLending program. The addition of these two native assets caused the APY to be more attractive. One nice feature being added to the boardroom is the double-dipping sBDO which allows users to receive xsBDO. Users can stake xsBDO to earn in the boardroom and receive rewards in blending simultaneously.


bPower is a unique loyalty program and a system that allows members to earn exclusive benefits and rewards. The bPower program was launched on April 30, 2021, with limited slots made available only to VIPs. There are three levels of loyalty during this initial launch of bPower with the golden hand level being the highest level of loyalty. However, users must lock in a certain amount of tokens before they can activate the bPower card. More details about the terms and conditions of the bPower program are contained in this article.


Several multi-pegs were launched during the past month. Multi-pegs are Seigniorage protocols that offer multiple rewards to various stakeholders. bEarn’s first multi-pegs were bpDOT and bpEUR, but bpJPY was the first community voted multi-peg. Some of the multi-pegs launched in April 2021 including bpUNI, bpXAU, and bpDODGE.


bDex will be bEarn’s new token exchange service. The bEarn ecosystem can expect the best exchange rates and swap routes for token swaps. The platform will incorporate a new burn mechanism for BDO to be used as a deflationary token. bDex’s transaction fees will be used to burn BDO and decrease its supply in circulation. In the future, bDex will offer other services such as margin trading and limit orders. The team also plans to have its bDex lp but which will be restricted to the community to prevent future problems of PancakeSwap LP migration.


According to bEarn’s Medium post, there will be updates or news this month regarding the following developments:


NFTs (bPepe)


New UI

bLottery V2

Multi-Peg, especially coupons update

Double-dipping for boardroom stakers

Bonds V2

Additional partnerships

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