bEarn Fi Monthly Wrap-Up: A Jan 2021 Review

After just launching the protocol, bEarn Fi has seen explosive growth, especially due to the success of their algorithmic stablecoin, bDollar. The team has no intentions of stopping there, with a plethora of innovation right around the corner.

Dear bEarn Community,

We have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm that we have received from you after announcing bEarn Fi’s launch. bEarn Fi has made exciting progress in January, bringing success to the ecosystem through various game-changing partnerships and recognition. Let’s take you through our accomplishments so far!

Project Recognition

We are proud to be the first algorithmic stablecoin running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), listing on both Binance Smart Chain Landscape and Binance Smart Chain Weekly Report. So far, bEarn Protocol was the “Star Project on Binance Smart Chain Weekly Report”. This achievement is contributed not only by our team but also (a huge part) from the strong bEarn community of 2,500+ members that got us this far. 

Within this month, together, we have reached some remarkable achievements, including:

–   24+ million USD TVL

–   CM of BDO reach 5 million USD

–   Continuous expansion within 76 epochs (From epoch 38 to epoch 113)

–       $BDO, $sBDO, $BFI were whitelisted on PancakeSwap

–   BDO is a top 10 token on PancakeSwap

Another notable event is the security audit of the bDollar smart contract, currently being audited by none other than CertiK. Overall, the audit aims to ensure users that the bEarn team demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the mathematical formulas involved in the protocol. The team continues to aspire to launch and showcase a healthy code and ethics within each of its project’s codebases. While this audit is not currently completed the process has been set forward. 

Partnership Development

We are thrilled to showcase new partnership developments and completed integrations with some of these decentralized finance (De-Fi) pioneers.

  • PancakeSwap

bEarn and PancakeSwap have created a strategic partnership to bootstrap liquidity and users to both platforms. CAKE holders are now able to earn BDO tokens through staking them in syrup pools. We allocated these BDO rewards in return for a BDO-BNB farm which allows liquidity providers to earn CAKE. Overall this partnership further adds to BDO liquidity while also attracting more users to both protocols.

For more details:

PancakeSwap Welcomes bEarn Fi to Syrup Pool! Stake CAKE, Earn BDO!

  • Tenet

We are very excited to announce our strategic partnership with Tenet, who is known to have introduced an innovative Layer 2 AMM connector platform to the world of De-Fi, also coined as their “Liquidity Tap”.

For more details: 

Announcing & Strategic Partnership

  • Value DeFi

bEarn and Value De-Fi joined forces to  launch a  Bearn Fi liquidity mining program using Value Liquid technology, allowing for seamless liquidity provision. Through this partnership, bEarn users will be able to create trading pools with flexible ratio pairs, add liquidity, and earn trading fees.

For more details:

Bearn Fi Launchs Farming Liquidity Pool on Uniswap and Value Liquid FaaS Pool

  • Farming

We are proud to announce that BDO and sBDO as listed on and Through leveraging these vault protocols, users can stake CAKE and earn a significant amount of BDO and sBDO


Cross-chain Bridge service with BSC and ETH 


Released on Jan 17, users could enjoy another use case of $BDO, as a native token to use on In this transparent, blockchain game system, you can enjoy online gambling and lottery. Who knows, you may even get lucky and win a nice return if you try your luck in one of many games.  

Access and convert your luck into income!

A Look Into The Future

Owing to our community’s enthusiasm, we have much more competitions, partnerships,s and activities in the pipeline for February. If you thought January was big, February is going to be even bigger with events you may have never seen before.

–   New partnerships to be announced

–   BDO Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap

–   Meme Competition

–   Trading competition on OpenOcean

– Community campaign

Stay tuned for more updates bEarn Fi!

Concluding Thoughts

The bEarn Fi team has summarized how they took the Binance Smart Chain by storm in January. After just launching the protocol, it has seen explosive growth, especially due to the success of their algorithmic stablecoin, bDollar. The team has proven its dedication to the BSC, creating multiple partnerships that stimulate the entire ecosystem. Currently, the team is continuing innovation with a plethora of releases for this month. The initiative to receive an audit from CertiK, one of the leading security protocols, is a great step to secure bEarn Fi ecosystem while also reassuring the users. Overall, the team at bEarn Fi has continued to strive for innovation and success on the BSC, and they show no signs of slowing development any time soon.

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