BeagleCake – First CAKE-Based Reflection Token and NFT Marketplace

The project seeks to leverage the PancakeSwap user base and popularity by offering CAKE-based rewards to its users.

Introducing BeagleCake

BeagleCake is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project operating on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), specifically on the PancakeSwap network. 

BeagleCake uses automatic claiming on rewards to eliminate gas fees for holders. This allows them to maximize their potential as a source of passive income by circumventing unnecessary charges on that income. BeagleCake utilizes the BEAGLECAKE token as a CAKE reflection token that automatically rewards its users in CAKE, leveraging the popularity of the breakfast-themed platform. 

Main Features

The BeagleCake project has a handful of key features that users can utilize to their advantage.

Automatic Buybacks

The BeagleCake smart contract automatically processes groups of users to determine their withdrawable dividends. If they meet a certain threshold, BeagleCake will automatically execute a claim in CAKE or a buyback process. This eliminates user hassle as well as gas fees.

NFT Marketplace

The BeagleCake Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs, using BEAGLECAKE or CAKE as their transacting tokens. In the future a wallet link will be added so users can transact directly within the marketplace. BeagleCake also plans to release a limited series of NFTs in the future, which would consist of a variety of rarities and designs.


The BeagleCake Lottery serves a handful of different functions for the platform. It adds a GameFi element for users as an investing opportunity. Users can purchase tickets using BEAGLECAKE, and winnings will be awarded in CAKE. 20-30% of all Lottery fees will be used by the developers to buy back BEAGLECAKE, helping to keep the supply from becoming diluted. These tokens are all burned in a deflationary tactic.

Redistribution Dividends

Holders of BEAGLECAKE are rewarded by every transaction fee, whether it is a buy or a sell fee. This incentivizes holders by serving as an easy form of passive income – no sign-up process or staking necessary. This process is based on classic stock market operations, according to the BeagleCake whitepaper.

TechRate Audit

TechRate is a well-established analytical firm that focuses on auditing blockchain technology such as smart contracts. In order to ensure the safety of their users, BeagleCake engaged in a smart contract audit by TechRate and have made the results public for their community.


Name: BeagleCake Token

Token Ticker: BEAGLECAKE

Host Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Initial Allocation

DxSale: 3%

Team/Dev: 7%

Public Sale: 31.5%

Presale: 58.5%

Transaction Fees

Overall Fee: 15%

Liquidity: 3%

CAKE Rewards: 7%

Marketing and Buyback: 5%

Extra Tax (Sale only): 1%


In order to raise excitement for their launch, BeagleCake will be holding a presale on DxSale.

Dates: 1PM UTC, October 15th – 1PM UTC October 18th

Price in BNB: 19,500,000 BEAGLECAKE per BNB

Concluding Thoughts

BeagleCake seeks to leverage the popularity of BSC, specifically its flagship Decentralized Exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap. By offering a reflection token on CAKE, BeagleCake can use the exposure PancakeSwap offers to jumpstart their community. 

Their upcoming NFT marketplace also takes advantage of another trending DeFi concept, further increasing their potential market share. The Lottery function is yet another draw for users, as GameFi investment opportunities offer a change of pace from tedious market analysis.

If you are an avid user of PancakeSwap and want to maximize your CAKE profits, BeagleCake is an excellent place to do so! 

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