Battle of the Dapps Round 3 Recap

Ten Finance advances to the final round over Mogul Productions and X World Games, thanks to the judges.

All Roads Lead to the Finale!

Group rounds of this season’s BSC News Battle of the Dapps ended on Aug. 19, with Ten Finance emerging victorious in the last group round before the final faceoff. Snatching up the one ticket left to proceed to this season’s finale of Battle of the Dapps, Ten Finance took down Mogul Productions and X World Games (“XWG”) in the final group event that saw over 1,000 listeners on Twitter Spaces and nearly 2,000 votes in the polls.

In case you are just joining us ahead of the final round, the Battle of the Dapps tournament is a competition where nine up-and-coming projects on BNB Chain were selected to compete against one another for a chance to advance to the final round where one will emerge King of the Dapps.

In the first round, GMR Center beat Floki and Hypermine to proceed to the final round. EverRise lorded over Infinity Skies and DGPals in the second round to earn its place at the final round of this season’s Battle of the Dapps. Thanks to the judges, Ten Finance (a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform) stole the show at the last group round as it beat Mogul Productions (a DeFi and Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) platform for movies) and X World Games (a decentralized gaming system) to proceed to the final showdown of this season’s Battle of the Dapps.

Although upon the conclusion of the round and the tallying of community votes, XWG initially led the two other participants with 57.6% of the total votes cast, the decision of the judges sent Ten Finance to the final round.

Commenting on the victory, Mr. Ten said:

“I want to thank you guys for hosting us and thank you to all the judges and everybody else on the show tonight. You guys asked the questions that everybody should ask, and I hope we all take away from this and collaborate in some way, shape, or manner. I think the best way to succeed and maintain longevity within the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem is to work collectively with like-minded projects and help each other to continue to move forward.”

The final round of this season’s Battle of the Dapps will feature GMR Center, EverRise, and Ten Finance on Aug. 24!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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