Battle of the Dapps Grand Finale Fight Card

Introducing the 3 projects on the Fight Card for the Grand Finale of Battle of the Dapps!

Get Ready for the Grand Finale

The Fight Card for the Grand Finale in the Battle of the Dapps is here! After 3 intense rounds of competition, thousands of votes from the audience, and a lot of tough decisions for the judges, our 3 final competitors have earned their spots on the Fight Card.

The Grand Finale will be taking place on November 2nd at 7:00 PM UTC. Tune into the official BSC News Twitter Space to listen live as these 3 premier projects battle to become the King of the Dapps!

Need a refresher on the rules? Check out this article to learn what Battle of the Dapps is and how it works.

Now, let’s meet the contestants!

ApeSwap: The Winner of Group A!

  • Defeated: Coin Racer, BSC Station.
  • Project Type: Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Automated Market Maker (AMM), and yield farming/staking protocol on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.
  • Token Symbol: $BANANA
  • Project Links: Website | Twitter | Discord Reddit

MicroPets: The Winner of Group B!

  • Defeated: NodeReal, NEST Protocol.
  • Project Type: NFT-based play-to-earn game where players collect and take care of virtual pets.
  • Token Symbol: $PETS
  • Project Links: Website | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

SafePal: The Winner of Group C!

Defeated: CryptoBlades Kingdom, Bit Hotel.

Project Type: Dynamic crypto hardware, software, and browser extension wallets for use in a multi-chain setting.

Token Symbol: $SFP

Project Links: Website | Twitter Discord YouTube

So how did these 3 projects get here? Here’s a quick look at each round leading up to the Grand Finale.

Group A

Group A saw ApeSwapBSC Station, and Coin Racer battling to advance. While Coin Racer won the public vote, ApeSwap claimed both judge’s votes for its dedication to community and transparency.

Check out the full recording and our recap article for more details.

Group B

Group B consisted of NEST ProtocolNodeReal, and MicroPets. After an interesting battle that was tough to judge, MicroPets claimed one judge vote and the public vote to advance.

Check out the full recording and our recap article for more details.

Group C

Group C was made up of SafePalCryptoBlades Kingdom, and Bit Hotel. While CryptoBlades Kingdom took home the public vote, SafePal won both judges over with their longevity and high quality of answers to tough questions.

Check out the full recording and our recap article for more details.

BSC News would like to thank all 9 participants in this iteration of Battle of the Dapps. The quality of our contestants gets higher with every iteration, and all 9 projects are contributing to the growth of DeFi.

BSC News would also like to thank premium auditor and Web3 security specialist CertiK for being the sole sponsor of this iteration of Battle of the Dapps!

See you all at 7:00 PM UTC on November 2nd – let the hype begin!

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