Battle of the Dapps 5.0 Winds up with Venus as the New King of the Dapps

Following a Sudden Death round, Money Market leader Venus was able to get the better of the strong competition and emerge the winner.

Venus Claims the Bragging Rights

After a grueling battle that witnessed a second consecutive Sudden Death round in a Grand Finale, Venus has claimed the title of King of the Dapps.

All three participants earned a vote to send the battle into a Sudden Death Round. Venus and RealFevr, respectively, earned a vote from the judges, while Cryptopolis pulled through with the community polls at the later stages.

In the Sudden Death round, each project was asked the same question, with the judges coming to a consensus on who had the best answer. The judges were intrigued by Venus’ response which ultimately led to the decision to crown them winners.

Check out the recording of the event here.

If you’re unfamiliar with Battle of the Dapps, check out this explainer article.

Here’s how the Grand Finale went down:

Discussing Security

The round kicked off with questions on Security. RealFevr CEO Fred began by explaining how important it was to have their core code built out by an internal developer team, alongside external audits by CertiK, Hacken, and a few more strong security companies. They are also running for ESO 27001, a European certification for cyber-security, and will probably be one of the first Web3 companies to achieve such standards. Venus Product Marketing Manager Patrick followed up by mentioning how fairly distributed the team is across the United States and South America and a worldwide network of people who are constantly monitoring their security systems, being a blue chip protocol on BNB Chain. Cryptopolis CEO, Deejay expressed how the game players have the freedom to come up with new features and do whatever they want with the game in response to a question concerning user modding.

Discussing Longevity

The next round of questions revolved around Longevity. RealFevr laid emphasis on how there’s not a lot of competition in sports, especially football gaming NFTs, and the fact that RealFevr involves intellectual properties that players can utilize in the Fevr Battle Arena. “The way that we are integrating our product with the fans is a guarantee that this is not a project for the virtual anonymous people but also real human beings engaged with games designed for their passion for football and sports”, said Fred. Venus, on the other hand, acknowledged how external events like Binance launchpads are a big deal for revenue generation. However, they pointed out that the big players come to them because they believe in Venus as a secure protocol to maximize their returns. Cryptopolis discussed their innovative solution to bridge Web2 and Web3 gamers which include a single sign-on fiat onramp system making it easy in three steps to log in, sign in and buy tokens to start playing the game.

Discussing Community

The last set of questions from the host centered on Community. RealFevr shared details on how they have a full team of moderators directly connected with the marketing and product development teams, ensuring accuracy in news and feature updates. “We are one of the few teams that deliver permanently and constantly new features every week” – Fred. Venus spoke about their upgraded plans to cover shortfall risks on the platform as well as the issuance of bonds as a safety catch. Next, Cryptopolis discussed their transparency with regard to growing the community and their ideal audience of 15-24-year-olds after the full release of the game.

Contestant Questions

This section saw the three finalists ask each other questions, touching on various themes and unique challenges faced by the projects and the DeFi space in general.

Following this round and a tie in the votes among the 3 contestants, the finale moved into a sudden death round where all 3 projects were asked the same question. The question focused on how the teams find a balance between centralization and decentralization, given the recent industry events like the FTX collapse and the recent overturn of the Uniswap DAO proposal by a single entity.

Check out the recording of the event to hear the full questions and responses from the projects!


BSC News would like to thank Venus, RealFevr, and Cryptopolis for contributing to an incredible Grand Finale. All 3 finalists displayed knowledge and innovation and earned their spots in the final round. We would also like to thank all our contestants for their efforts, as well as our sponsor, LEND, for their incredible support towards this event!

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