Battle of the Dapps 3.0 Group B Recap

Infinity Skies, EverRise, and DGPals slugged it out to determine the winner of Group B in the Battle of the Dapps.

EverRise Advances to the Final Round

BSC News returned with the second round of its ongoing Battle of the Dapps 3.0 competition on Aug. 15, which featured participants in Group B. In case you are reading this for the first time, the Battle of the Dapps tournament is a competition where nine up-and-coming projects on BNB Chain square off against one another to fight for a chance to advance to the final round where one will be crowned King of the Dapps. 

Last week, GMR Center beat Floki and Hypermine to win Group A and make it to the final round. Yesterday’s round featured Group B:

Infinity Skies – a Sims-inspired game represented by Saunder, Founder and CTO of Infinity Games.

EverRise – a multi-chain token ecosystem represented by Peter, manager of Legal Operations

DGPals – a virtual pet NFT game represented by Kit Lau, Co-Founder. 

The round went live at 19:00 UTC as the three projects battled it out in front of over 2,500 members of the audience. As in the first round, our in-house host Tom quizzed each project on security, longevity, and innovation, where they were given two minutes to answer the questions posed to them

Twitter Spaces did its thing by suddenly going offline 37 minutes into the competition. But, thanks to the ever-ready BSC News team, another Spaces event was up and running in under two minutes, after which the competition continued as if the glitch had never occurred.

Following the conclusion of the round of questions, a Twitter poll was set up to let community members vote on their choice. EverRise led the polls with 60% of the votes tallied.

EverRise cemented its group victory when judges Andrew (Director of Operations at BSC News) and Ben Antes (CFO and Co-Founder of BSC News) cast their ballots.

EverRise will join GMR Center in the finals, with one spot left for the upcoming winner of Group C.

Commenting on EverRise’s victory, Peter said:

“Thanks so much to all the projects here. Everybody wins when there are good people like you all, so thanks, everybody.”

The next round before the final round will feature Ten Finance, Mogul Productions, and XWG Games on Aug. 19 at 19:00 UTC. So be sure to tune in!

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