Battle of the Dapps 3.0 Group A Recap

Judges’ decision advances GMR past Floki and Hypermine to the final round.

Round One, Fight!

The dApps answered the bell on Aug. 10 when BSC News commenced the third edition of Battle of the Dapps. During the last tournament at the beginning of the year, dinosaur-themed play-and-earn combat-and-strategy game DinoX was crowned King of Dapps. This time, BSC News returns with a new tournament that has already proven to be superior.

Like previous incarnations, the new Battle of the Dapps 3.0 tournament is a competition where nine up-and-coming projects on BNB Chain fight tooth and nail for a chance to battle in the final round of the event at the end of August. 

Each competing project has two minutes to answer a series of questions about security, longevity, and community from the host, Tom, after which they can direct questions at one another.

The winners are determined by a community vote on Twitter and the decisions of two BSC News judges.

With a never-before-seen attendance rate, Round A of the Battle of the Dapps took place with 4,000 people in attendance. The three projects that slugged it out in front of thousands of onlookers were 

Floki – meme-based giant represented by Cobra Kai

GMR Center – a utility token that focuses on gaming and gamer experience, represented by Marc Garside, CTO

Hypermine – a high-yield DeFi Protocol represented by MIKO, Head of Marketing.

The competition began and went on smoothly as the contestants brilliantly answered the questions put to them. The series of questions allowed each contesting project to describe its goals, and insights into exciting updates to be expected in the near future. 

Following the conclusion of the round, a Twitter poll was set up to let community members vote. GMR had an early win on the polls, but the Vikings quickly rallied and put Floki ahead of the others to win the community votes with a 70.8% share.

However, Floki’s jubilation didn’t last long.

When the judges, Andrew (Director of Operations at BSC News) and Ben Antes (CFO and Co-Founder of BSC News), cast their ballots, GMR stole the show by winning the round, 2-1. 

Commenting on the victory, Garside noted aid:

“All I can say is that we were up against some of the best players in the game. I’m a massive fan of what’s happening over that Floki. I think their focus on community is amazing. Hypermine, we are obviously going to be watching what you guys do too, and most of all, thank you to BSC News, who have done an amazing job organizing this, and of course, to the GMR community for making this such a pleasure to work on as a project. Thank you.”

Be sure to tune in next for Round B of the Battle of the Dapps 3.0. Let’s go!

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