Banksy Farm Token Farming Launch

The most talked-about topic nowadays is yield farming. In 2021, the total quantity of money in cash pools is predicted to expand significantly! Banksy Farm is currently an excellent investment prospect. We are quite excited about launching their farm in Avalanche Network this week. So, in order for you to take advantage of this presale; we’d like to share the week’s schedule with you. Remember that buying in the presale gets you a 50% discount off the list price right now. Let us look at the launch timeline of Banksy Farm token.

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About Banksy Farm:

Banksy Farm is a financial strategy or method to help you achieve financial success. Banksy Farm is a New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming that NFTs aid. Since its inception, Banksy Farm has been a MULTI-Network Project. Banksy Farm is a multi-project network based on Avalanche.

Launch Week Timeline

  1. Presale Starts:

Tuesday 2021–12–14 15:00 UTC
You’ll be able to buy PreBanksy Token with 50% discount from listing price.

  1. NFT Early Stage 1:

Tuesday 2021–12–14 17:00 UTC
They started selling the first tier of NFT. Only 100 in this batch.

  1. Wall (Dividends Pool):

Tuesday 2021–12–13 19:00 UTC
They rewarded their supporters with a dividend pool.Huge reward if Sold-out.

  1. NFT Airdrop if Sold-out
    They gave as reward one NFT to each top 50 presale token holders to their supporting community.
  2. Token Launch:

Saturday 2021–12-18 15:00 UTC
They added initial liquidity according to Tokenomics.

  1. Token Swap:

 Saturday 2021–12–18 16:00 UTC
Their presale buyers will be able to swap 1:1 Pre-Banksy Token into Banksy Token.

  1. Wall (Dividends Pool):

Saturday 2021–12–28 18:00 UTC
Another reward for their supporters.

  1. Farming Starts:

Tuesday 2021–12–21 15:00 UTC
The date is here! Start Farming and earn rewards!

The First Week of Farming:

The Banksy farm platform’s first few days are planned, and a short-term plan is established to ensure that this farming platform is successful, which will prove to be incredibly effective and a big success. You’re probably wondering, “What is yield farming? “Yield farming is a method for cryptocurrency investors to profit from their investments. It is, without a doubt. What’s more, guess what? It is possible to earn interest from trading fees by putting cryptocurrency units into a lending mechanism. Some users are given additional incentives via the protocol’s governance token.

Yield Farming:

Staking or lending Banksy tokens in order to create high returns or rewards in the form of extra Banksy tokens is known as Yield Farming. Farmers will be able to reap excellent yields from the following crops:

  • Stake $BANKSY To Earn More $BANKSY
  • Use $BANKSY In Yield Farms (LP’s).

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