Banksy Farm NFTs — One of a kind!

The artist Banksy was always a pioneer and disruptor. And he was no exception when it came to integrating technology and art.

The first NTF of this artist, was not like many others. It had the particularity of being physically burned as a requirement in the sale of the artwork.

This was a milestone, in which the NFT is not only a representation of the artwork, but the artwork itself once the physical was destroyed.

The burning owner said:

we are generating a new form of artwork via the creation of this unique NFT that is a direct representation of the physical. the reason the burning itself is so important is because as long as the physical piece exists, the value of that piece will remain with the physical. however, if we entirely re-create the physical piece and input specifications such as the art version number into the smart contract code, no one can ever alter the the digital art in any way. in this way the physical piece will forever be memorialized in this NFT.

This truly embodies the spirit of NFT and art.

The Morons NFT

Bansky Farm NFT — A Lot of uses

In the same spirit of the original work, the Banksy Farm Team tries to disrupt the world of NFT for farming by giving it greater functions.
Besides appreciating the art it has, it can be used for multiple functions on the platform.
And with time, and its future functionalities, it will become the core of the platform.

Use cases for our NFTs

In our platform, you’ll be able to use NFT for the following:

Boost Rewards on our Distribution Pool

You’ll be able to boost your rewards by holding NFTs in your wallet while your farm.

Reduce Harvest Lockup

Owning NFT’s will allow you to take your profit sooner than you’ll normally do without this NFT card. Great for your stategy!

Governance of the project

We will post questions in our Snapshot voting space. Where NFT holders will have voting power to help decide the future of the project.

Make your NFT stronger as you use it

Each time you use your NFT, its power will increase. So it will be more powerful in the future and in turn: more valuable.
Soon it will be available for resale in our marketplace.

Merge NFTs

You’ll be able to marge multiple NFTs into a more powerful one, so you get extra benefits from using it. So go ahead and collect as much as possible!

How to get Banksy NFTs

We’ll have a 3 tier public access where on each system will have an incremental price, and then a public sale.

Each tier will increase the value of the NFT — Don’t miss out!

The first Tiers price per NFTs planned are:

  • Early access 1 — First Layer Price: $15
  • Early access 2 — Second Layer Price: $20
  • Early access 3 — Third Layer Price: $25
  • Public access sale — Price: $40

50 NFTs Airdrop

As unique opportunity, we’ll reward 50 NFTs to presale token holders.

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