Banksy Farm Marks A Huge Success After Its Launch

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a secure and reliable yield farm in the multi Network with high NFTs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team dedicated to development. Banksy Farm is now a significant income stream.

 But What exactly is Banksy Farm, as we’ve already discussed. They are a part of Multi-Network Yield Farming; they have been stated on several bitcoin exchanges; however, unlike other well-known digital currencies, they cannot be bought with fiat money.

Banksy Farm is a platform for people to engage in high-yield farming. Banksy Farm has come a long way from the start-up till now by its first public presale, the launch of auto-compounding vaults, an Anti-bot system, and much more. Nowadays, yield farming is the most discussed topic. In cash pools, the total amount of money is expected to rise substantially by 2022! This article will discuss how far Banksy Farm has come and what you can expect from Banksy Farm in the future. So to learn more about Banksy Farm, continue reading the article.

About Banksy Farm

Banksy Farm is a financial plan or practice that can assist you in becoming financially successful. Banksy Farm is an NFT-assisted New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farm. Banksy Farm has been a MULTI-Network Project since its inception. Banksy Farm is an Avalanche-based multi-project network.

Banksy Farm could be the most advanced yield farming system ever to reach the DeFi market. The project’s development team attempts to remove any technological barriers to DeFi investment by providing an intelligent user interface that makes staking crypto assets a snap. This user-friendly software allows investors to keep track of their investments by instantly viewing previous, current, and projected earnings.

The First Week of Farming

 The first few days of the Banksy farm platform were planned, and a short-term plan was made to ensure that this farming platform was successful, which proved to be highly effective and a huge success

Yield Farming

“What is yield farming?” you’re undoubtedly wondering. Yield farming is a strategy of gaining profit from cryptocurrency investments. Without question, it is. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is possible to earn interest from trading fees by putting bitcoin units into a lending mechanism. The protocol’s governance token provides additional incentives to some users. Staking or lending Banksy tokens to create high returns or rewards in the form of extra Banksy tokens is known as Yield Farming. Farmers were able to reap excellent yields from the following crops:

•           Stake $BANKSY To Earn More $BANKSY

•           Use $BANKSY In Yield Farms (LP’s).

Features Of Banksy Farm

1.             Vaults with Automatic Compounding

Banksy Farm Vaults automatically compounded farms. They pushed farming to the next level by supporting the community in generating higher earnings through auto-compounding without the requirement for investor participation. You won’t have to worry about harvesting rewards, selling half, raising liquidity, or re-staking tokens in their vaults, which are innovative farms.You don’t have to harvest to actively increase your profits on Banksy Farm, and you can dream like a charm.

They can compound vaults once every 5 minutes and have very minimal transaction costs! Depending on the strategy, some vaults even included prize tokens. They’re working to make other yield aggregators more successful to benefit them! Their tactics for auto-compounding ensure that your stake rises over time.

2.             Banksy Farm Anti-bot System

They included an Anti-bot Feature to their contract using the Blacklisting Technique in their never-ending pursuit for the best security for their community. The principal objective of this feature was to preserve early liquidity against bots. The Banksy Farm Team was monitoring transactions while this function was active. Any wallet with a dubious address or transaction was manually put on the blacklist.

Mechanism of Anti-bot System

The Anti-Bot Feature looked for three things:

• Transactions Exceed the Maximum Threshold In Condition One, no transaction should exceed the maximum threshold.

• Your Wallet Balance Exceeds Your Expectations In Condition Two, your wallet balance should not surpass the maximum limit. This condition helped detect bots that collected more tiny transactions than were allowed and then aggregated them into a single wallet. If this requirement is matched, both source and receiver addresses are validated, and the bot address is instantly put on the blacklist.

•In the third condition, your wallet is already on a blacklist. The current wallet should not be on the blacklist at this time. This condition checks to see if the bot address has already been blacklisted. If this is the case, the transaction is invalidated. In this case, both the source and receiver addresses are validated.

Presale At Banksy Farm

The Avalanche platform was used to launch Banksy Farm. The Banksy Farm platform is a next-generation DeFi platform with NFT capability. The presale began on the 14th of December.

Banksy Farm Wall

The BANKSY FARM WALL was launched by Banksy farm for presale, and you could get a 50% discount on the token.

• Choose your #MORONSNFT to boost your rewards.

• Deposit $PREBANKSY.

• Make money with DAI.

• Increase your NFT knowledge.

Airdrop Of NFT

In the same spirit as the original work, the Banksy Farm Team disrupted the world of NFT for farming by adding extra functionality. They delivered 50 NFTs via airdrop. Rewards were given to Presale token holders. Keep NFTs in your wallet while working on your farm to boost your benefits.

Low Risk Rated By Rug.Doc

Banksy Farm has received a Low-Risk rating from [email protected] Rug.Doc gave it a thumbs up. Banksy Farm was thankful to Rug.doc for the review and collaboration to make this farm a #safu farm.


On the 14th of December, 2021, at 4:00 PM UTC, Crypto Panda sponsored an AMA with Banksy Farm. This AMA’s reward pool was $100.

Fair Launch

This is the most effective way to increase project liquidity while staying away from Bots Of all the launch possibilities, and this one is the most evenly spread. The most equitable launch strategy is a fair launch with a black listing feature.

Banksy Farm Farming Launch

On the 20th of December 2021, 03:00 PM (UTC) and the 20th of December, 8:00 PM according to the local time.

Banksy Farm Token Information

The Banksy Farm Multi-Network coin is $Banksy Token. Due to its peculiar emission regulations, this token is deflationary. Banksy NFT is a groundbreaking new token on the Binance Smart Chain network with a bevy of enticing characteristics that will appeal to a wide range of investors! Burning, anti-whale, anti-bot, and tracking dashboard, as well as financials and NFT marketplace information! In Avalanche, the first $Banksy Token is distributed.

Benefits of the Banksy Token

You can win rewards through farming Banksy. You can gain prizes by staking Banksy on vaults. Partner tokens are earned by holding Banksy on walls.

The developer wallet received 10% of the Banksy token emission rate commission. After marketing, development, and partnership expenses, any tokens left in the dev wallet have been paid.

Banksy Farm Launched Successfully

The $Banksy Launch Was A Huge Success. They had a successful debut; their anti-bot technology is entirely practical, and there are no bots. The Banksy Farm Wall is completed, and you can make a deposit and use their services.

Banksy Farm Timeline

1.      Presale Start:

Tuesday 2021–12–14 at 15:00 UTC

Users could buy PreBanksy Token with a 50% discount from the listing price.

2.      NFT Early Stage 1:

Tuesday 2021–12–14 at 17:00 UTC

They started selling the first tier of NFT. Only 100NFT were in this batch.

3.      Wall (Dividends Pool):

Tuesday 2021–12–13 at 19:00 UTC

They rewarded their supporters with a dividend pool. Huge rewards were to be offered for the dividends pool.

4.      NFT Airdrop

They rewarded one NFT to each top 50 presale token holders to their supporting community.

5.      Token Launch:

Saturday 2021–12-18 15:00 UTC

They added initial liquidity according to Tokenomics.

6.      Token Swap:

 Saturday 2021–12–18 at 16:00 UTC

Their presale buyers were able to swap 1:1 Pre-Banksy Token into Banksy Token.

7.      Wall (Dividends Pool):

Saturday 2021–12–28 at 18:00 UTC

Another reward for their supporters.

8.      Farming Start:

Tuesday 2021–12–21 at 15:00 UTC

Users Started Farming and earning rewards!

Future Strategy Of Banksy Farm

Indeed, each investor has a plan. Here we suggest how it can maximize profit, as we see it through Banksy Farm.

1. Purchase NFTs

go ahead and purchase as many NFTs as possible.

2. Combine NFTs

Combine the NFTs to create a more powerful one to increase your earnings.

3. Purchase Banksy tokens.

Obtain Banksy tokens so that you can harvest with them.

4. Collect those Tokens

Deposit Banksy tokens in pools or farms.

5. Profits from harvest

Harvest your earnings once you’ve accumulated enough.

6. Use Boosted NFTs to deposit earnings in the wall.

You can now put those earnings on a wall (dividend pool) and use merged NFTs to increase your rewards.

Good luck with your earnings!

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