Banksy Farm First-Ever Public Pre-Sale

If you’re looking for a secure and trustworthy yield farm in the multi Network with high NFTsand a dedicated Dream Guardian Team committed to the development, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Banksy Farm now provides an excellent chance for investment. The presale of Banksy farm token starts on 14th december 2021! The wait is over now.

Banksy Farm is a financial strategy or method to help you achieve financial success. Banksy Farm is a New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming aided by NFTs.Since its inception, Banksy Farm has been a MULTI-Network Project. Banksy Farm is a multi-project network based on Avalanche. In terms of the time it takes to conclude.

Banksy Farm has the potential to be the most advanced yield farming technique ever to reach the DeFi market. By creating a sophisticated user interface that makes staking crypto assets a breeze, the project’s development team is trying to remove any technological barriers to DeFi investment.Investors can use this user-friendly platform to keep track of all their investments by quickly viewing previous, present, and forecast earnings. Users will have access to the platform’s current staking pools, including a wide range of options.

You are in the right place if you’re seeking a safe and secure Yield Farm, NFT Profile, NFT Battles, NFT Farm, and much more. To get more information about Banksy farm presale, continue reading.

Public Pre-Sale:

On Tuesday, the public presale will begin!

The wait is undoubtedly over for our loyal clients who have been waiting impatiently for the launch of the Banksy farm token. This is the first-ever presale held by Banksy farm, and we believe it will be a huge success. So be sure to look around and think about farming in Banksy Farm! So don’t miss out on this great oppurtunity to make your investment a bigger one.

Method Of Launch

The most efficient method for boosting project liquidity while avoiding Bots.The most equitably distributed of all launch options.

Banksy Farm Presale Launch

14th December 2021, 03:00 PM (UTC)

14th December, 8:00 PM (local time)

Banksy Farm Farming Launch

20th December 2021, 03:00 PM (UTC)

20th December, 8:00 PM (local time)

Presale Information:

Presale information is the most effective strategy to avoid bots and increase liquidity. They chose a Presale Strategy for this cryptocurrency launch.

This is the most effective technique to increase liquidity, Along with Banksy Farm’s most exemplary Anti-Bot System to ensure security.

Presale Dates

Presale Steps                                                         Block                                  Date(Approx)

Presale Starts                                                          TBA                               2021-12-03 16:00 UTC                 

Presale Ends                                                          TBA                                                           2021-12-05 15:00 UTC

Liquidity Provided                                                 TBA                                                           2021-12-06 15:00 UTC

Swap Presale Token                                              TBA                                                           2021-12-06 16:00 UTC

Farming Starts                                                        TBA                                                           2021-12-09 15:00 UTC

Allocation of Presale Funds

Initial Liquidity 50%

Marketing 20%

Dev Rewards 20%

Walls 10%

Distribution of Deposit Fees:

Deposit fees of 4% are used for:

  • Wall Pools (Dividend Pools).
  • Partnerships.
  • Marketing.
  • Audits.
  • Salaries for developers.

Information On Banksy Farm Token

$Banksy Token is the Banksy Farm Multi-Network coin. This token is deflationary due to its unusual emission regulations. Banksy NFT is a revolutionary new token on the Binance Smart Chain network with a slew of appealing features that will appeal to all investors! Burning, anti-whale, anti-bot, and dashboard with tracking, as well as financials and information from the NFT marketplace! The first $Banksy Token will be distributed in Avalanche.

Banksy Token Benefits

Farming Banksy earns you rewards. Staking Banksy on vaults earns you prizes. Holding Banksy on walls earns you partner tokens.

Banksy Token Details

Ticker                                                                               $Banksy

Contract Address                                                              TBA

Maximum Supply                                                              5,000,000

Farming Estimated Duration                                             3 months

DEX                                                                                    Pangolin

10% of the Banksy token emission rate commission will go to the developer wallet. After marketing, development, and partnership expenses have been paid, any tokens remaining in the dev wallet will be sent to the burn address.

Emission Rules

 They chose this consistent emission rate pattern to keep APRs as high as possible while farming, reward liquidity suppliers, and form new partnerships. The emission rules differ based on when farming starts:

  • First 24hs – 12/10                     8 tokens per block
  • Second 24hs – 12/11                6 tokens per block
  • From 12/11 to 12/19                4 tokens per block
  • From 12/19 to 12/26               3 tokens per block
  • From 12/26 till the end of supply, two tokens per block

The maximum quantity will last approximately three months.

BuyBack/Burn Policy

 They’ve settled on the following buyback policy to help the community maintain more stable pricing:

As Banksy Farm analysts evaluate whether a price correction is warranted, buybacks will occur. Burn backs will be paid using presale allocation plus deposit costs. Any unsold presale Tokens will be used for partnerships, and if Banksy Financial analysts think it necessary, they will be burnt. Everything that is returned will be either used for future collaborations or burnt.

Multipliers And Bonuses

Their Financial Team will track Token Price / Deposit Behavior to ensure we have the best multipliers/bonus structure while farming. Multipliers and bonuses may alter during farming. Everything is queued manually, and a timer is in place.

Play The Harvest Prediction Game

  • Stake $Banksy to earn additional tokens in the Harvest Prediction Game.
  • Harvest lockup can be avoided by playing a price prediction game (MATIC/USD).
  • Increase your prizes by using your NFT Card Oracle and VFR Random powered by CHAINLINK.

How To Play

1. Stake BANKSY to earn Token Reward. Choose your NFT Card to maximize your benefits.

2. Harvest lockup is 4 hours long.

3. If you want to harvest sooner, play the prediction game.

4. Each round will be 5 minutes in length.

5. Predict if the Matic/USD exchange rate rises or falls.

6. You’ll be able to harvest early if you win!

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