Banksy Farm Anti-Bot System For Better Security

We believe cash and cryptocurrency will coexist for a long time. And cash still accounts for 99.9% of the world’s money supply, so we need to keep building bridges to make it easier for money to move into crypto.

Banksy Farm is a financial strategy or method to help you achieve financial success. Banksy Farm is a New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming that NFTs aid. Since its inception, Banksy Farm has been a MULTI-Network Project. Banksy Farm is a multi-project network based on Avalanche.

Avalanche is the fastest innovative contract platform in the blockchain market regarding time-to-finality.’Love is in the Air,’ a classic Banksy farm work from 2005, has been confirmed as the first addition to Particle Collection’s collection.” Love is in the Air,” which was bought for $12.9 million at a Sotheby’s auction in May, has been hailed as a “quintessential Banksy painting: instantly recognized.”

 In their never-ending quest for the most exemplary security for their community, they implemented an Anti-bot Feature utilizing the Blacklisting Technique to their contract. This feature’s primary goal is to protect the early liquidity from bots.

What Is The Mechanism Behind It?

The Anti-Bot Feature searches for three things:

·      Tx Is Higher Than Anticipated In Condition One

There should be no transaction that exceeds the maximum threshold

·      Wallet Balance Exceeds Expectations In Condition Two

There should be no balance in your wallet that exceeds the maximum limit. This condition aids in detecting bots that seek to acquire numerous smaller transactions than is permitted and then combine them into a single wallet.

Both the source and receiver addresses are verified under this circumstance, and the bot address is immediately added to the blacklist if this criterion is met.

·      Your wallet is already on a blacklist in the third Condition

The current wallet should not already be on the blacklist. This Condition verifies that the bot address has already been added to the blacklist. The transaction is invalidated if this is the case. Both the source and receiver addresses are verified under this circumstance.

Manually Adding To The Blacklist

The Banksy Farm Team will be monitoring transactions while this function is active. Any wallet with a dubious address or transaction will be manually put on the blacklist.

Timeline For Feature Implementation

This feature will be enabled before the launch of the token and disabled before farming.


 Assume you’ve been blacklisted out of the blue and can prove you’re not a bot by providing authenticity proofs like transaction logs, wallet addresses, and so on.

For assistance in removing yourself from the blacklist, contact Banksy farm Customer Support.

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