BakeryTools AMA Recap hosts BakeryTools: a central hub & trading tool for Binance chain pairs & pool explorer and a hotspot for private and pre-sale listings.

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @Badxero

Badxero: Hello and thank you for having me

Badxero: Glad to be hosted by an amazing community

BSCdaily – Admin: The pleasure is all ours. Ready to start our AMA @Badxero?

Badxero: Sure am

Q1: What is BakeryTools all about? Give us a little summary

Badxero: Sure, Bakerytools is the ultimate hub & trading tool for Binance chain pairs & pool explorer and a hotspot for Private and pre-sale listings. We will be a tools platform hosting many decentralised exchanges, connecting the ecosystems.

BSCdaily – Admin: That’s great, I’ve been looking for a charting tools for #BSC lately

Badxero: Many tools currently exist, but we’ve noticed that each project only has specialised charts for particular dexes and nothing for others. We plan to build a platform to unite all which is definitely a step up for the entire blockchain community

BSCdaily – Admin: Nice, so that’s why you and your team decided to build BakeryTools

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Badxero: A little bit about my background,

I am a graduate from the university of technology, the biggest technological university in Australia. After successfully graduating I completed an honours in IT. After that, I recieved my first job as a tutor and a lecturer at UTS before progressing to my next job at sia group as a freelance and then stabilising at inspired software based in Australia. I have been part of the cryptosphere since 2015, and have since developed smart contracts and platforms for many projects and advised many in progression of their projects. These projects were primarily solidity based on ethereum as well as on polkadots platform with rust.

Since then and inspired by the cryptosphere I began to focus on weakpoints that can be strengthened in our blockchain world and that brings us where we are koven.

We also have an additional blockchain developer who will be joining our team starting may to improve our UI. He will be primarily focusing on developing the app on Android so that users who are mobile focused as many new traders are as well as many experienced traders will be able to access the platform via an app rather than just a website.

Q3: Let’s dive into your token $TBAKE. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Badxero: Sure, Bakerytools had a total Supply of 100M $TBAKE

We had allocated to our successful private sale 25 % $TBAKE where we reached hardcap immediately.

We allocated 35% of the tokens to our public sale – conducted on bscstarter which also ended successfully reaching hardcap.

20% was provided for liquidity  

10% for marketing which are vested month at a 10% rate

10% for team which are vested every month at a 10% rate.

We have successfully conducted 4M out of our 5 M team token burns reducing the total supply to 96M

Badxero: Also on a side note

Badxero: We did forget to mention our amazing graphics designer who is also a digital artist featuring his NFTs in the bakeryswap gallery @venom_NFT ! Venom has an extensive and detailed work in graphics designing and is renowned amongst bakeryswap in selling his artworks

BSCdaily – Admin: That’s awesome

BSCdaily – Admin: I’m even more intrigued by your token now

Q4: Please share with us some of $TBAKE use cases

Badxero: $TBAKE will be utilised for staking, burning and unlocking features in our tiered system for bakerytools.

Part of our Hotspot listings is that payment made by projects, a portion of tbake will be bought and burned quarterly.  

As for staking, this will come closer to q3/4 with the release of our mobile dapp. This will not only allow users to stake and earn $TBAKE but to stake and unlock tiers.

Q5: For people who are joining the AMA with us, how and where can we buy $TBAKE?

Badxero: Bakerytools is currently listed on Pancakeswap v1 and Bakeryswap at the current time

You can now hold your $TBAKE in your @TrustWalletApp

It’s simple !

1. Download @TrustWalletApp

2. Trade on : @PancakeSwap V1 OR @bakery_swap 

Badxero: We are currently in talks with both dex and cex who plan to list tbake  this month

BSCdaily – Admin: New exchange listing, that really is relevant to my next question

Q6: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

Badxero: Good question,

Within the next 3 months our platform will be in full use with all features integrated.

This includes token/token pairings, limit orders, multiswap pairing, charts obtained from tradingview with pinescripts, guide-guide tutorials on our platform for both those who are new to crypto as well as those who want to learn trading or utilise our tools.

We can expect closer to the end of the year our mobile ui dapp to be live with stake and earn rewards or stake and unlock

BSCdaily – Admin: Wow, it appears that #BakeryTools will be releasing a large number of features in the near future 

Q7: Where can we find out more about BakeryTools?

Badxero: You can trade now on:

@PancakeSwap V1 



 Telegram group:


 Telegram Announcement Channel:


 Telegram Trading Group:


 Other Telegram groups:








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