BakerySwap Partners with Alchemy Toys

The partnership seeks to increase exposure of both platforms with attractive new integrations.

AlchemyToys and BakerySwap Join Forces

Alchemy Toys, a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has announced a new partnership with BakerySwap. The agreement includes the following features:

An NFT shop at BakerySwap where TOYs NFTs can be traded

A limited high-reward TOYs staking opportunity at BakerySwap where users get rewarded in GAT for staking TOYs of level 2 or higher

A separate announcement will be made in the near future when the products go live. Alchemy Toys hopes to keep a long & productive relationship with BakerySwap to promote and push TOYs and other NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

The BakerySwap news release indicated they were excited to introduce GAT Network users to BakerySwap art products. The partnership seeks to benefit the exposure of both parties, showcasing the versatility of TOYs.

What is Alchemy Toys?

Alchemy Toys is an NFT Blockchain Game on Binance Smart Chain. The ecosystems’ token $GAT (pre-mined and limited to 1,000,000) is not necessary to play the game but can be staked at the DApp in order to earn $BNB from the game’s treasury. Many other use-cases for GAT are already in development according to the team.

Alchemy Toys NFTs served as an example in the latest article on NFT by the Binance Academy. The unique “Toys” NFTs (BEP721) players mint in the game can be traded on any eligible NFT market, including their native NFT exchange “Minted Vodka”. This marketplace on Binance Smart Chain allows users to trade NFTs and tokens in a revolutionary way and with very low flat-fees or even zero fees. Total flexibility: any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade can be used – bid or ask.

To learn more about Alchemy Toys, GAT Network, and Minted Vodka, visit the following links.


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Audit of GAT token by Solidity Finance


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