BakerySwap IDO for GAT to Start on 19th of July

The IDO follows a string of releases by the GAT team, proving their dedication to upgrading their platform.

GAT Network Continues Their Successful Partnership with BakerySwap.

After a successful Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collaboration (TOYs trading & staking at BakerySwap – still ongoing!), the Alchemy Toys team has announced an official IDO through the partnership.

On Monday 19th of July 2021, at 7am UTC, you will be able to participate at the BakerySwap IDO. Furthermore, after the IDO is finished, a liquidity pool will be created and filled by several parties. The founders of the GAT Network have agreed to transfer 50,000 GAT of their own holdings to the liquidity pool. The founder’s share in GAT holdings will then shrink from 15% to 10%. The remaining 10% of founder holdings are legally locked until November 2021.

Background information

Alchemy Toys is an NFT Blockchain Game on the Binance Smart Chain. The ecosystems’ token $GAT (pre-mined and limited to 1,000,000) is not necessary to play the game but can be staked at the DApp in order to earn $BNB from the game’s treasury. A multitude of other use-cases for GAT are already in development.

Alchemy Toys NFTs even serve as an example in the latest article on NFT by the Binance Academy. The unique “Toys” NFTs (BEP721) players mint in the game can be traded on any applying NFT Market and also at their own NFT Exchange “Minted Vodka”. This marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain allows users to trade NFTs and Token in a revolutionary way and with very low flat-fees or even zero fees. Total flexibility: any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade can be used – bid or ask.

To learn more about the GAT Network, visit the following links:


Alchemy Toys Game

Minted Vodka NFT Exchange







Audit of GAT Token by Solidity Finance

Audit of Minted Vodka NFT Exchange by Solidity Finance


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